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Due to a busy afternoon on Fridays, library has been changed to THURSDAYS. Thanks!


This afternoon, during our lunchtime, the fire alarm went off. This was a fluke, and there was not any danger to the students. Once the alarm was noted as false, the students were let back into the building.

Best Wishes to Mr. N!

Today we said, "Goodbye" to Mr. Neitling. Mr. N. has been a major part of our classroom, but we wish him the best of luck as he transitions to a full time Learning Behavior Specialist for CPS. To send him off we participated in a few goofy games!

Canned Food Drive

Stuff the Turkey! From November 2-November 20th Goodrich school will be running a food drive. First graders are asked to bring in “powdered or canned beverages”. Thanks in advance for your support to “Stuff the Turkey”!!


This week we practiced an addition strategy. We look at two addends and change them to 10 plus a number so we can add the number in our heads. To grasp the concept, we used ten frames and counters.

Writing: Brave spelling

We practiced a new strategy to continue being braves spellers when we write. This week we worked on breaking the word into syllable chunks and spelling syllable by syllable. There are 3 different ways we practiced finding the syllables in a word, ask your kids to show them to you!

Reading: Superkids

Today we began Unit 5 of The Adventures of Superkids. The memory words are there, from, be, to, we, and or. Please practice spelling these words correctly, as well as reading these words with ease at home. The sound spelling pattern is a review of /ed/ and /ing/. We will practice figuring out when a letter needs to be doubled before adding ing or ed. For example, to change run to running, we look at the pattern in the word “run”. The spelling pattern is consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC). When the pattern is CVC, the consonant is doubled, then add –ing. (run + n +ing = running). When the pattern is CVCC, like in the work melt, we just add –ing or –ed, no letters need to be doubled. (melting or melted). Please see their list inside their binders for additional examples.

While reading with your children every night, please discuss/point out memory words, spelling patterns, and ask them questions about the book they read.

New website: Typing Club

This week Mrs. Sayre came in to show us a typing program. The students can access this website at home and use the login information that is taped inside their binders. Exposing the students to typing assists them in becoming more familiar with the keys. Then when we want to use the computers to type out stories later in the year, we are more familiar with location of the letters!

Weekly Reminders

Please send box tops to school. Thank you for your support!

A new reading log went home today (inside Friday Folder). If your child forgot to turn their log in, please send it to school on Monday.

Scholastic Book orders can be placed online. These orders are due November 30. To order online, click here. The classroom code is PCVG8.

Check out the selection of animated books at TumbleBooks, provided by the Woodridge Public Library. (*A library card is needed to access this awesome website.)

Practice Math Facts at home by logging into XtraMath. (They need to know their 4 digit pin. Email me if they don’t know it, and I will send home.)

Practice math skills using IXL. (same login as Scootpad, which is taped inside binder.)

Reward your child for working hard on their math facts and skills by playing math games at SumDog. (Their login is taped inside their binder.)

Encourage your child to practice their language skills at home. Visit Scootpad ( login taped inside binder)

Practice weekly sound patters and memory words on the Super Kids interactive website.

Use typing club to practice typing at home.

Need a new login sheet for any of the websites listed above? Email me and I will send home a new form!

Top Dog: Nathan

Our Top Dog for the week was Nathan. Nathan likes going to Great America and is excited to start karate. He enjoys reading about garbage trucks and likes working on the computer. One of his favorite songs is “I like to move it, move it!”. The whole class sang along because we all love that song!

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