Brandon.H Great Depression



Who were the leaders during The Great Depression? The presidents during The Great Depression were Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Rooseveft. When the Depression started Herbert Hoover was elected president ,and as time went by he was over thronged for elected by Franklin D. Rooseveft (F.D.R). What laws and polices helped the U.S to get out of The Great Depression? What helped us get out of The Great Depression was a law made by F.D.R. When F.D.R became president he immediately urged Congress to do more too help ,so he made a new law called The New Deal. It a law that makes program that mainly made for relief, recovery, and reform the U.S.A.. Also a holiday made to stop this called banking holiday which closes all banks until permitted to reopen once more. That's why subjects of the economy is the way it is now.


In the industrialized western side there was a drought or a long periods of rain. Soil turned into dust in the hot sun. High winds that scattered the soil ,called a dust storm. Much of the Great Plains became known as the dust bowl. Which why this area was got hardest by the depression.

Other interesting facts!

What was the dust bowl? A storm of dust that scattered all throughout the Great Plains. What stop the depressions? A law called The New Deal.