Media Minute

The Musson Media Center Newsletter - January Edition

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I hope everyone had a great holiday break. 2016 is off to a great start in the Media Center! Take a look at the exciting things we have been doing this past month.

Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5)

Third Grade has begun a unit on email etiquette in order to prepare them for using their Google Apps for Education Gmail. They practiced with an email to me and they all did a great job following the rules for writing professional emails. They are excited to practice with a classmate next! See the poster by Piktochart below which sums up the basic rules we have been following in class.
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Fourth Grade is learning how to evaluate a website in order to determine whether or not it is a reliable resource for their research. We have been using the RADCAB method for evaluation, which is an acronym for the following concepts: Relevancy, Appropriateness, Details, Currency, Authority, and Bias. Be sure to ask your child about some of the bogus websites we have visited! I think they are amazed at how genuine some of these websites appear and at how easy it is to be deceived on the Internet. It has been quite a learning experience!
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Fifth Grade has begun their informational research reports and Mrs. Suwalkowski, Mr. Peterson, and I are working collaboratively to accomplish this assignment in the media center and in the classroom. In the library, they learned how to search for books at the Rochester Hills Public Library in preparation for their field trip there. They have also learned how to cite their sources using Easy Bib, which they will include in their reports as a bibliography page. We are using Google Docs to type their information for their final product. They are certainly becoming experts not only on their assigned planet, but on research and writing skills as well!
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Lower Elementary (Grades K-2)

Kindergarten is learning how to log on and off the computer all by themselves! They are using their individual usernames and passwords which I sent home on a paper this past week. Please practice with them at home, even if it's just helping them recognize where to find the letters and numbers on the keyboard. Please email me if you didn't get the handout.
First Grade is beginning a unit on mammals in the classroom and we will be supporting this unit in the media center by creating a Google Slides presentation with facts on each student's mammal. They are even learning how to cite their sources! Stay tuned for these fabulous, first-time projects!
Second Grade was introduced to Type to Learn, a program we use to teach keyboarding skills. Most of their practice will come from authentic assignments on the computer, however, it is important for them to learn the proper way to type. With assessments taking place now on computers, faster and more accurate typing allows students to use the keyboard without slowing down their thinking. Students can focus more on the subject matter and less on where the letters are on the keyboard. For a list of great keyboarding resources you can use at home, click here. Next up, digital text features!

Recommendation for All!

I read the book, Sam & Dave Dig a Hole, to all grade levels in the media center and it was a huge hit with everyone! Even though it is a picture book, I would recommend this book to readers of all ages. The illustrations by Jon Klassen are what makes this book so special! Once you read it, check out these theories on the ending of the story.

Volunteer Spot

If you would like to help out in the media center, there are still openings available! Go to Volunteer Spot and click on the day of your child's media time. If no one is signed up, you are welcome to volunteer. Just keep in mind, anyone working with students in the classrooms must fill out a Rochester Community Schools I-CHAT authorization form. These can be turned in to the main office or to me.