Adele Mackey

Mother, daughter, sister, wife, best friend and teacher.

My Teaching Philosophy as of today.

As a teacher my task is to provide an authentic learning environment where students are able to apply learned skills in real life situations..........and become critical thinkers when applying these skills using appropriate technology, information and understanding.
My name is Adele. I am in the last part of this course and after my last prac (EPT432) I am impatient to continue with any theory and want to get in the classroom and start teaching (although I know the theory is a life time process........).
I have had a blessed life traveling around the world with my family as a child and in my young adult years continuing this travel with my sister and two backpacks.
Professionally my background is in community development in particular with disability and children's services.
I believe I have a responsibility to provide a better world for next generations and this can best be done by developing a smart, caring, healthy and emotionally resilient future generation.
I know it sounds corny, but I do love my life! I have an awesome husband who has been my best friend for the last fifteen years. My two gorgeous daughters who are 8 and 6 remind me that life is a rollercoaster and sometimes you have to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.
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