The god of all gods

In Joel Skidmore “The God of Gods”, Zeus is the most significant god in Greek Mythology that portrays an image that is solemn and majestic but also vengeful when necessary.


Zeus has a wide and powerful influence over various myths, gods and goddesses in Greek Mythology. Zeus is the god of all gods and defeated his father for the throne on Mt. Olympus.


"Zeus had to fight the titans to protect Mt. Olympus from this rebellion" (Skidmore).


Throughout many myths that include Zeus, He has fought and defeated his father to earn his spot on the throne As the god of gods on Mt. Olympus.


Although Zeus tends to meddle in others' lives, he truly sees acts between individuals that affect his life through Hera as an injustice that he needs to make right. His impact can still be felt today through symbols of marriage, feminism that will last into the next century.