20% Project

Danny Jury


This project has had a large amount of impact on myself. When I started, I didn't think I would have the patience to learn the guitar. But I wanted to challenge myself by learning. It's proven to be incredible difficult. I've put hours of practice into it and still can't switch between chords fast enough. And, I don't have them memorized. I had to learn how to read tabs, and when I play, I still have to look at the chart. I've slowly relaxed and have been getting less frustrated with how hard it is, but it still happens now and then.


Ben Parks and I have put in about ~20 hours so far trying to teach me the guitar. There are 6 string and 24 frets on an average guitar. There are also 6 ways to strum a guitar. The two main types of guitar are acoustic and electric. I'm learning how to play acoustic.

Why I chose this

I chose this project because I wanted a challenge. Learning the guitar was something I always said "That would be really fun" but never actually got around to doing. So, I went for it. Ben Parks was looking for a partner to teach, and I asked if he would teach me. It has taught me a lot about patience and learning new things.
Mine and Ben Park's project doesn't really impact anyone else. It is more about seeing if I can do something as difficult as learning the guitar and him trying to figure out how to teach someone who has never played guitar before. Things about the guitar that I've learned is: The average guitar has 6 strings and up to 24 frets. There are 6 different ways of strumming a guitar. To play each chord correctly, even pressure needs to be applied to each string on the neck. I chose this project because I wanted to try something I've never done before, and I wanted to challenge myself. I'm still struggling to move quickly between each chord and applying even pressure between string. Ben is having trouble planning different lessons from day to day, because for now, its mostly just muscle memory and being able to switch quickly. I hope to be able to play a popular song on the guitar with limited mistakes.