Schwartz Notes

School to Home to School Communication

May 16-June 2

Upcoming Events:

05/24: 3rd Grade Field Day: 10:40-11:40

05/31: Her-story / His-story Due

05/31: Clean up the classroom AM

06/01: Science Museum Field Trip

06/02: Last Day of School

Dear Parents:

  • Our story this week is #28 Becoming Anything He Wants to Be. This week our focus skill is Fact and Opinion. This is an excellent story to read and discuss with your child. It is very inspirational. If you Google Eric W.'s name, you can find some amazing speeches he has given.
  • Here is the Focus Wall for this week:
  • Spelling: ough and augh. This will be a STUDY week, for sure. Test Thursday!
  • Comprehension/Grammar/Vocabulary test: Friday. Your child will need to know root words and their meanings. We have covered this in class.
  • History or Herstory is a family assignment found in the Social Studies Classroom on Google Classroom. This does not need to take a lot of time, but I would like to hear from every family. It is fun to hear about our similarities and unique qualities as we dive into our various cultures. To find inventions/people simply Google: Your Culture (Irish) famous inventions for kids, etc. We have discussed this in class. Parents or kids can type in the answers...if you so choose, your child could do a Google slide show instead. Let me know if you have any questions. Due by Tuesday, May 31!
  • Field Day is next Tuesday, May 24, during our BLOCK time (10:40-11:40). Please let me know if you would like to come to cheer us on and take pictures.
  • Needed in the classroom: snacks for those who forget; white paper towel; and a few more kleenex boxes!
  • There will not be a newsletter for the remainder of the year.
  • Please continue to initial the small May Calendar which will be taped onto the Home Folder. Again please add tape if it appears to be loose or falling off. We will add June to the May Calendar.
  • Have a great week.
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