!All About Me!

BY: Rachel Milwood

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What Rachel Would Rather Be Doing

Rachel Milwood...the girl that loves her parents, likes her sisters, and loves her dogs; the girl that would rather spend the day with her parents then her friends( she still loves her friends though ;) )... the girl that absolutely loves spending the day shopping and playing volleyball with her dad and sister on the floor.


My Grandparents Story

As you already know, my family plays a major role in my family. My grandparents ( my dads side) are my relationship goals, my grandma was 15 when she married my grandfather, they have been together for 45 years! and still fall in-love with each other every day. They're love encouraged my parents love, I believe my parents relationship would not be as strong if my fathers parents weren't around. I strive to be that in-love some day, following in my grandparents footsteps.