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October 1, 2021

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Dates to Remember

Oct. 1 - Football vs. Franklin Co.

Oct.4-8 - Fall Break- NO SCHOOL

Oct. 12 - ACT Bootcamp 3:00-4:00pm (Library)

Oct. 13 - ACT Bootcamp 6:00-7:00pm (Library)

Oct. 14 - Report Cards

Oct. 15 - Football vs. Columbia Central (A)

Oct. 22 - Football vs. Siegel (A)

Oct. 26 - FAFSA Workshop 12:00-6:00pm (Library)

Oct. 29 - Football vs. Page (H)

Nov. 1 - Staff Development (No school for students)

Nov. 11 - TN Promise Mandatory Meeting 10:00-11:00

Nov. 15 - CTSO Progressive Dinner FBLA/FFA

Nov. 22-26 - No School Thanksgiving Break


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2021 Football Homecoming Court

Congratulations to our 2021 Homecoming King and Queen, Carson Jean and Abbie Grace Mashburn!! The whole court represents Lincoln County High School so very well. Left to right, freshmen attendant Avery Cross, escorted by Omar Cabello; junior attendant Sydney Frassrand, escorted by Logan Carter; senior attendant Charli Ann Hurt, escorted by Ty Williams; Homecoming Queen Abbie Grace Mashburn, escorted by Homecoming King Carson Jean; senior attendant Abby Davis, escorted by Bailey Gleghorn; sophomore attendant Samantha Ogle, escorted by Bryce Persell. Our beautiful flower girl is Everly Harmon, and our handsome crown bearer is James Hastings.

Commit to Life Drive

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month, and this week, LIFT LC is hosting its 4th annual Commit to Life Drive where all students and staff are asked to make known their commitment to always choosing life in moments of crisis and helping others who may be facing similar situations.

LIFT set up a Commit to Life Campaign this week during lunches. Many LCHS Students participated in this event.

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LCHS Facebook Page

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PSAT Tests

PSAT tests are still available for $18. Test to be given on Oct. 13. Please see Mrs. Harrison if you have questions.

Important Info For Seniors


Many students and parents have questions about the FAFSA. Here is a quick guide to help you better understand, and provide resources related to best practices for completing the FAFSA, which opens October 1st!

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is the tool that colleges will use to determine students' financial aid packages. Some families mistakenly think they don't qualify for the FAFSA. However, almost all students will qualify for some type of financial aid:


Federal Student Loans

Work Study

State financial aid (like TN Hope, TN Promise, TSAA, Wilder-Naifeh, etc.)

The FAFSA is free, secure, and doesn't take much time to complete (35 minutes). Remember, the sooner you complete the FAFSA, the more likely you are to receive state grants such as the Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA)!

Every student should complete a FAFSA. Colleges require the FAFSA for registration or to receive scholarship funds. Your state based aid, such as the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship is also based on your completion of the FAFSA. It is also a TN Promise requirement!

You tube video:

Mrs. Rose will be scheduling one on one FAFSA appointments starting now! These appointments will be scheduled for a parent and senior to come in and get help filing the FAFSA. Please email to schedule an appointment today! Remember Mrs. Rose will be out on maternity leave starting in mid-December so let’s get this filed ASAP!

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The next guide that your senior received at the beginning of the year is a great resource for completing the FAFSA.

We will be using pages 43-48 to aid in the FAFSA filing process. On those pages you will find Pre-FAFSA information, FAFSA Steps, FSA ID information, etc. I encourage you all to read through Section 3 Financial Aid in the Blue Next Guide that your student has been given.

Next Steps for seniors:

  • Submit the 2022-2023 FAFSA with parent tax info from 2020 tax year; if you need to schedule an one on one appointment with Mrs. Rose for help with FAFSA please email
  • Submit college scholarship applications (especially foundation & departmental scholarships)

Colleges Visiting LCHS:

  • Tues. Oct. 12th UT Southern
  • Wed. Oct. 13th UT Martin
  • Fri. Oct. 15th Western KY & UAH
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Health Science

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Students in Mrs. Steelman's Rehabilitation Careers class began their job shadowing experience at Elk River Health and Nursing Center. The students will spend two weeks job shadowing with various rehabilitation professionals at Elk River, P4 Physical Therapy and Patrick Rehab and Wellness Center. During this experience they will learn more about the diseases and conditions that require rehabilitative care, they will observe the application of skills learned in the classroom and practice professional characteristics in a healthcare facility.
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Digital Citizenship Info

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Digital Citizenship in Education: What are the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship in Education

Digital citizenship is a set of rules, controls, standards, norms, ideas and principles used in the optimal and correct use of technology that children and young citizens need to learn in order to contribute to the advancement of the country.

Digital citizenship, in short, is the smart deal with technology that directs the benefits of modern technologies and protects against their threats and dangers.

Digital citizenship aims to find the right way to guide and protect all users, especially children and adolescents, by encouraging desirable behaviors and fighting repulsive behaviors in digital transactions, for a digital citizen who loves his country and strives for its progress.

The concept of digital citizenship, then, has a strong relationship with the education system, because it is able to help teachers, educators in general, and parents to understand what students must know in order to use technology appropriately.

Digital citizenship is more than just an educational tool. Rather, it is a way to prepare students for full participation in society and active participation in serving the national interest in general and in the digital field in particular.

How Many Elements of Digital Citizenship are There?

Digital citizenship has nine elements agreed upon by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), as mentioned by ISTE Contributor Mike Ribble in his book “Digital Citizenship in Schools”.

These 9 elements have been identified to help better understand the topics that constitute digital citizenship and provide an organized way to teach and incorporate them into the curriculum appropriately to have fully digitized citizens.


Friday Finds from the Library are books suggestions that Mrs. Day is sharing out with students each week via email. This year, NonFiction will be the genre of focus, but fiction books will be highlighted as well. Our library has so many great books, and we want all students to find something that may interest them.

LCHS Library Site

Click here to view LCHS Library Webpage