A survey about food

survey reports

Report 1

We interviewed Olivera. She works in our school.

She usually has a toast and a fruit juice for breakfast. At lunch time she usually has fish, salad and bread. For dinner she sometimes has cheese but she often has a cake and milk. Olivera's favourite food is meat, especially sausages and chicken.

Some favourite Macedonian meals are beans, peppers, sausages and salad.

Report 2

We interviewed Katerina. She is our German teacher.

She has just a hot coffee for breakfast. For lunch she sometimes has fish or sausages with potatoes and tomatoes. For dinner she usually has pasta and salad or just milk.

Katerinas favourite meals are pizza and burger.

Some favourite meals in Macedonia are ayvar, beans, peppers and eggs or peppers and tomatoes.

Report 3

We interviewed Slavica. She works in our school.

She usually has toast, fruit and eggs for breakfast. At lunch time she sometimes eats at home but sometimes at shool. For lunch she has a sandwich. For dinner she has a pasta or vegetables. her favourite food is chicken.

Some popular meals in Macedonia are peppers and garlic or sausages and eggs.

Report 4

We interviewed Maria. She is our Macedonian teacher.

She always has fruit for breakfast. At lunch she usually eats vegetables. She doesn't eat meat. For dinner she sometimes has a salad. Her favourite vegetable is a potato.

Some popular Macedonian meals are pumpkin cake, chips and ketchup and ayvar.