How to think like a Neanderthal

By: Thomas Wynn and Fredrick L. Coolidge


In the book how to think like a Neanderthal Thomas Wynn an archeologist and Fredrick L Coolidge a psychologist come together to find out more about the Neanderthals. Not just what the looked like but their daily lives and what that did and wore. They go on and talk about some of the more recent discoveries where people have found remains of what are thought that were Neanderthals and they aren't fossilized. They test some of the Dna and try to see how closely they are related to us.

Related to ESS

We have talked about how everything once came from something in this class, and how things are related. This book talks about what are thought to be some of the first human like creatures that we are familiar with today, and how we once came from them and became what we are today.


"Neanderthals hold the distinction of being the only fossil human to have become a part of the standard vocabulary."

"IN SUMMARY, NEANDETTHALS were the top predator on the landscape whe we they lived"

"Neanderthals needed spears, or more specifically the idea of spear"


I liked this book a lot I learned a ton of stuff o didn't know before and it just made me think about life back then and how it would've been and just how much we've evolved and how much smarter we are. I would recommend this book to anyone