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Gold is a soft metal, malleable, and heavy metals. Atomic number is 79, melting point is 1062, and 7 isotopes. Can be found in nearly every continent such as in mines. Is used to conduct electricity, make jewelry, and make electronics. Reacts with halogens and acids. Can cause skin irritation.

Goody the Gold Ring

Goody is a celebrity known by many people and worn by many. Goody enjoys being shown off in magazines and on TV. Just like Gold Goody is expensive, beautiful, and has lots of properties that make Goody individual.

Goody these days cost a lot. Back in the day Goody was somewhat cheap as now Goody is worth a lot more. In the United States the annual change rate is 7.3%. Per ounce gold is worth 1292.00 US dollar. With Goody's great looks his is put into many electronics and jewelry. Goody is in many wedding rings and paired with the diamond.

Goody has many properties that make him spontaneous. Goody is a soft material but a heavy metal. Goody is both malleable and ductile. Goody reacts with halogens and acids so he has to make sure not to run into them. Without Goody many jewelry items would feel empty. He is a celebrity and will never be forgotten.