2022 Snow Sports Programme

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Snow Sports Programme

7 April, 2022

Lauriston School Year 0-6 Snow Sports Season 2022-New Local Schools Programme

Kia ora Koutou ma whanau o te kura Kotoku ko Lauriston,

We hope as winter draws closer you’re all looking forward to joining us on the mountain again this season! Mt Hutt Ski Field is looking forward to hosting our local schools again this winter and are excited about what they will be able to offer with the new Local Schools Programme for 2022.

Word on the Mountain last year was that we would see some changes to our programmes moving forward into 2022, but up until now we have been unable to communicate with whanau exactly what these changes would be. Today we received the following information from the Mt Hutt Skifield Team:

“As indicated previously, we are looking to offer something different this year. The reason we’re looking to offer something different from previous years, is that we’re looking to make some of our common challenges a little easier. Previously, one of our biggest hurdles has been offering a full 6 week programme. Backup dates have been required for an inevitable weather day or closed day, which we have not always been able to deliver due to the nature of our business. For the last two years, Covid-19 has had a significant impact, resulting in many schools having to change from the preferred Friday option to different days of the week due to staffing challenges.

So looking forward to 2022 we are looking to offer a different set up that not only addresses the above, but provides more tuition time for all students and less disruption to term time. This year we will be offering a 3 day camp that takes place within the one week (3 out of 5 days). Included in the 3 day camp will be:

  • 3 x days with 4.5hr lessons (33% increase in lesson time compared to the 6 week programme).

  • Rental equipment.

  • Helmet.

  • Aiming for consecutive days where possible to maximise learning.

  • 1 x FOC supervising adult and 1 x supervising adult at student rate for every 10 students.

Additional details:

  • A Local School Season Pass will be required to take part in the programme for students. For those that do not have passes and would like to join the programme, we can look to accommodate this closer to the start of the programme.

  • Lessons will start at 9am, allowing time for a lunch break, then for lessons to finish at approximately 2-2.30pm.

  • Cost of $210 for 3 days (this does not include transport to and from the Mountain)

  • For dates, we’re proposing the first or second week back of Term 3.

By doing so we will be able to:

  • Offer more lesson time with fewer days (also hoping to reduce transport costs).

  • Account for bad weather by scheduling backup dates within the same week.

  • Eliminate the requirement for a set day of the week for different schools.

  • Look to offer the Mega School option as in previous years and host all schools on the same day, meaning we can better deliver lessons for all ability levels.

We’re very aware that this is a different model from previous years, but we believe this will provide the best platform to deliver the Local Schools Programme to all eligible local school children and account for the continued challenges we have faced.

We’re also aware that free ski time is one of the incentives for some students to join the programme, so if you would like an additional day at the end of the programme for a ski day without lessons, with rental equipment for those that require it, we can consider options and costings for this also.

If you would like to join us for 2022, if you are able to please indicate your preferred week we can look to start organising for the season ahead. Please note we will not be able to offer the prior 6 week programme in conjunction with the new 3 day programme, this will be the only option for the Local Schools Programme this winter.

There is no change to the Local Schools Whole School Ski Day Programme, and this will run as it has done in previous years.

In regards to Covid-19 protocols under the current government framework, we will not be requiring vaccine passes for our guests on our ski area. We are also hopeful that restrictions may look quite different for the winter ahead, meaning that we are able to operate normally. However, we may possibly still face capacity limits at our indoor venues, including the café and rentals areas. We will advise on any information you need to know prior to your time with us. For up to date information on our Covid-19 protocols, you can find this on the following link

We look forward to you joining us for winter 2022.

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Tod

Guest Services & Sales Head of Department | Mt Hutt Ski Area”

The changes ahead for the 2022 season mean the following for Lauriston School:

  • The programme is open to Year 0-6 students

  • As in past years, Year 0-3 students will require an adult to support them over the 3 day programme-assisting students in and out of ski hire, ensuring they are supervised during the lunch break and monitoring their fatigue levels etcetc…

  • The school will be requesting an additional Snow Sports Day without lessons, but supported by parent chaperones following the 3 day camp

  • Depending on the number of students attending 2-3 staff will also travel up Mt Hutt

  • All children will be required to travel up and down the mountain by parent transport (there will be no bus available)

Please complete the following survey only if your children are going to participate in the programme. This is to help us confirm our dates and guide our planning for the Mt Hutt Skifield for the 2022 Snow Sports Season. Responses are due 13 April, 2022.

Nga mihi nui

The Lauriston Snow Sports Team