Potty Soulutions

The Potty Carpet/Detector

What are our products?

The Potty Carpet is a easy to wash, carpet that helps you clean your pets buisness off the carpet. The Potty Detector detects the poop and pee that might be hard to find (maybe under a bed or behind something).
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How to use the Potty Carpet

  1. Put multiple squares of our product on your floor.
  2. When your pet go's potty on your/our carpet you can easily pick up that square and wash it.
  3. Then just place the square back on your floor.

How to use The Potty Detector

  1. Turn on the Detector.
  2. Let it have a few seconds to scan the area it is in.
  3. The poop (red dot) or pee (yellow dot) or other substances (green dot) will show up.
  4. The dots indicate where the poop/pee/other substances are.

Why you should buy our products

Not ONLY does our product help with your pet needs, it also is very inexpensive. At only $24.99 our product comes with A DETECTOR!! Separately they could cost OVER $50!! For a limited time our products are sold TOGETHER!!
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Thank you for reading our presentation