LIFE IN 1946-1952

Lookin Through Magazines and Yearbooks




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1st picture represents conformity in that time period

2nd picture represents family during that time period

3rd picture represents the idea of what success was back in those times


As a teen in the time period of 1946-1952, I constantly feel like I need to fit the mold this society is setting upon me (displayed in the images above), but I just don't believe in everything they are saying and I, myself, do not fit the mold. I am told to dress plainly with clothing that covers almost everywhere, I'm told to have my hair pinned up and short, and not wear too much makeup. I have no creativity, but that is not who I am I want to be an individual not one group of people that look the same. I am told to cater to the man's needs and act presentable, whilst doing all the housework, but I don't wish to always do that I think women should have some power too. With the way I'm thinking, I know I don't fit the mold, so I want to do something to change that. I will, start by looking for a group of people that feel the same way as me, that we don't fit the mold. Then, hopefully after meeting up a few times and talking, we will some how find a way to work around what we want in order to blend into our society. To have a happy life in this time period, you have to fit the mold and if you find yourself not fitting the mold, you spend your days working your hardest, to blend in and finally one day fit the mold.