Class T-Shirts

We are ready to order our shirts!

We are still waiting to order our shirts. With my order and the others from our class we have 6 orders. We can not place the order without 15 total shirts ordered. If you can not afford to order a shirt please let me know so I can help. If you can help sponsor another child in our class please let me know.

Our class has designed our self-portraits for our class T-shirt! We are excited and ready to order them. The cost of the shirts is $9.00. I have received orders from 4 four students and one parent. We need to have a total of 15 orders for them to even make our shirts. If you you are willing to sponsor another child in our room please let me know.

I would like to have the orders ready to turn in by next Friday the 30th.

Order form

Example of a shirt

Thank you,

Susie Mumper