Summer Learning Series

July 6th, 2015 Session 1

Summer Series 1, is designed to address mindsets/perceptions and to help us become more aware of who we are as educators.

Intended Outcomes

  • Know and internalize our vision
  • Develop a common language and understanding of poverty, race in America and the term, "At Risk" on an introductory level
  • Discover your personality type and begin to understand how your personality type influences your interactions as well as your perceptions

Part 1: Our Vision

Growing successful global scholars while fostering a passion to learn, transform and navigate the world in which they live!

Part 2: Mindsets/ Perceptions

What are our mindsets when it comes to teaching and interacting with "At Risk" students, understanding poverty and race in America.

At Risk

At Risk

Take a look at the pictures above which picture would you normally associate with the term, " At Risk" ?

What is your definition of, " At Risk Scholars" ?

What are these scholars at risk of?

How do you interact with at risk scholars?

If they are "At Risk", how do we get them to become, " Non At Risk"?

Is "At Risk" a code word for something else?

Reflect upon these questions, ask yourself how would I answer each question and how would I begin to connect my line of work to the thoughts around this concept of teaching, " At Risk Children" ?

Action Item (ALL ) - 15 mins

Read the article below. The purpose of this reading is to create a clear understanding of the term, "At Risk". In moving forward we have to understand all children are truly at risk of something, therefore, we should not label a specific group of students. Labeling students can be dangerous.


Big image

Action Item (ALL) - 20 Mins

Please read the following articles on Poverty in America and poverty effects on school aged children.

Why Race Matters

Action Item (ALL) - 30 mins

Watch the 2 videos and begin to internalize why race matters and how can you as an educator use the power of one's race, culture and unique identity to help create an empowering culture in your classroom.
Why race matters and how to talk about it: Alex Kajitani at TEDxEncinitas
Why diversity is not enough to reach real integration in schools: Prudence Carter at TEDxStanford

Action Item (ALL) - 50 mins

Please read the following pages from Diversity, Community and Achievement

Pages 5-46

Pages 70-91

The reading will be sent in a separate email.

Suggested Reads

To further develop your mindsets in regards to race and poverty students the following books are suggested.

Part 3: Personality Types

Myers Briggs

In order to help grow others we must invest in ourselves and truly know ourselves. Below is a link to the Myers Briggs Personality test. Please take the test and read about your personality type in regards to the workforce and discover how others may perceive you.

Action Item (ALL) - 10 mins

Please take the Myers Briggs test below.

Action Item (ALL)- 5 Mins

Once you are finished record your Myers Briggs Personality type. Please send me an email with your personality type by July 20th. Thank you!

Why does is this Information Important

Our mission is to make our scholars and ourselves understand and believe impossible is nothing and that tough times create tough and courageous people who can achieve as long as they commit themselves to achieving what they believe.

In Closing

Understand that our mindsets are what drive us to make decisions, within a day we as educators make over 10,000 decisions, each decision we make effects kids, therefore, we must adjust our mindsets to understand that ones' social economic status, race , gender, current achievement level is not a barrier in terms of them achieving.

Extra Content

All Kids Can And Will Achieve !

New Teacher Orientation

Monday, Aug. 10th, 8:15am

Wilson Learning Center, Tulsa Oklahoma

All New Teachers are required to attend the New Teacher Orientation presented by the District.

Micro Training

Thursday, Aug. 13th, 12am

322 North Gilbert Avenue

Cleveland, OK

From August 13th -14th we will engage in 2 days of learning at Cleveland Middle School. We will leave Monroe together and travel to our Micro Training. Departure time is TBA.