The Hypnotist

"Look into my eyes and find danger..."

The Hypnotist - By: Gordon Korman

A teenage boy with eyes that can change color finds out they are meant for hypnotizing. 2 famous hypnotist families, the Opuses and the Sparks, marry by coincidence and make the ultimate hypnotist, Jackson Opus or, his nickname, Jax. Ever since his talents were discovered by Jax from an accident to stop another hypnotist from harming his best friend, Tommy, Dr. Elias Mako wanted Jax to join his academy for hypnotist, so he can be like a superhero. That was all a lie. Dr. Mako wanted to train Jax so that he can use Jax to help take over the world with his own hypnotic powers. Jax finds out that Dr. Mako has been hypnotizing everyone of Jax's loved ones to say," Dr. Elias Mako has devoted his life to New York City education and is an inspiration to every single one of us." , so that Jax would be convinced enough to think Dr. Mako was a good person. Jax later seeks for Braintree and his society of Sandmen, hypnotist who try not to use their power for selfish things, to set things right as Dr. Mako uses the hypnotic video that Jax had to make to make people vote for Trey Douglas to become president. Dr. Mako's plan was to hypnotize Mr. Douglas after he was voted for president on a landslide and take over the world using the power he has then over the government. Jax ends the story by hypnotizing Trey Douglas to give up on the election. After that, Dr. Mako was surely going to go after Jax and kill him just like he has tried right after Dr. Mako's plan failed. Jax had to give up on his great life including loosing his friend, changing his whole family's identity, and moving out of the city he loved just to protect himself and his parents from Dr. Mako's scream for Jax's misery and death.

This theme is about how an innocent life can be changed by just one ability. Power to control a mind is like enslavement and it is hard to believe humans can do that to each other if they could. Jax makes me think of me. Dr. Mako reminds me of my brother. I have things i can do that he can not do. He pretends he is better than me and then tries to use me. When i do not do what my brother wants me to do for him, he goes on a rampage. He has abilities of his own, but he can not use his to gain what he wants sometimes, so he looks up to me.

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This Summary and poster is made by: Jean Lee 4th period of Mrs. Morton's class