Decisions Decisions Decide

By: Kallie Dukes

Define the Decision

Every day you have to make decisions in life. The 6-Step Decisions making process can help you make the decision. The process even helped me. I had to choose between blue Vans or pink Vans. I liked both pairs and I had to choose between the two. When I followed the process it helped me organize and decide the best choice for me.

Estimate Resources Available and Consider Alternatives

When thinking about which Vans to get I had to think about my resources available. I had the resource of transportation of getting driven there in a car. Money was also a resource, if I had enough money for the shoes. Other resources were quantity; if the shoes I wanted were in stock and quality; if one looked better or if one was cleaner than the other pair of shoes. But there were also other alternatives for me to choose, I could have gone to a different store, got a different color, or even a different style. There are always different options when buying things at any time, that you need to recognize.

Gather Information

When buying things you have to gather all information possible. When I was buying my Vans I had to gather information before buying. I had to gather the price of the shoes, also the size of them. And don’t forget I had to gather the color of the shoes. Gathering information can help you learn about what you are buying and help decide which product to get.


After gathering information I had to decide which pair; the blue Vans or pink ones. I had to think of all the steps and information gathered to decide which pair to get. In the end I decided to get the blue Vans. I liked the color better and the look on me. It was a hard decision but using the process helped me a lot.

Evaluate the Decision

Once I got the shoes I had to evaluate if I had made the right choice. I thought it was a good decision; I liked the blue better than the pink pair in the end. The Vans also go good with the clothes and outfits to wear. Using the process to decide which pair to get helped me a lot. Looking at my resources, the other options, and gathering my information about the shoes helped me look at all the views on the shoes.

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