Sammy Davis Jr.

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How can he become a star ?

Davis was born and raised on the streets of Harlem. His parents were vaudeville dancer. Whereby he debuted three years old when the Will Mastin, partner of his father, took him to the stage on a program called Struttin 'Hannah from Savannah. Since then Sammy has become a theater chain Cross was playing for South and Central West. At that time he was the youngest member of Mastin. he was a regular at the age five years old and was accompanied by his father on the variety. He dance very well, especially a dance call ¨Flash dance¨. During a talent he played with older boys and he received a silver trophy and $ 10. When he was eight, he appeared on two films. Because of the group's itinerant lifestyle, Davis never received a formal education, though his father did occasionally hire tutors while they were on the road. He would not read anything more than comic until grew up and joined the army. As young he was taught how to make audience satisfied, how to keep dance as a master, how to moving while dancing with a smile and a song. In the time War world II, He has to go army by the time he come back Davis rejoined the family dance act, which played at clubs around Portland, Oregon. Then he sing a song for the title of a film, after that he begin as an actor to his starring role in the Broadway play Mr. Wonderful in 1956. In 1959, he became a member of the famous band, Rat Pack, led by his friend Frank Sinatra. This group made several flim together as well as many joint stage appearances in Las Vegas and elsewhere. His music career began faltering in the 1970s and even his acting career was not very successful. ‘Gone with the West’ (1975) and ‘Sammy Stops the World’ (1978) were among his few works. With his musical career virtually over, he focused on his acting during the 1980s. He played small roles in movies like ‘The Cannonball Run’ (1981), ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (1985) and ‘Tap’ (1989). In addition to his career in music, films and stage, he had also made numerous appearances on television primarily as a guest star.


He was get alots award that includes :

  • His album ‘Sammy Davis, Jr. Now’ was released in 1972. It spawned the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit ‘The Candy Man’ which went on to become Davis’s most famous song.
  • In 1956, Sammy Davis was vote for Best Specialty Act - Single or Group
  • In 1977, he also was voting for Best TV Actor - Musical / Comedy and received the gold award.
  • In 1985, with Razzie Award he was nominated for Worst Supporting Actor.
  • He was given The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously in 2001 for his outstanding contribution to the field of recording during his lifetime.
And some of his famous songs are ¨Candy man¨, ¨I´ve got to be me¨, ¨Sam´s song¨, ¨Th people tree¨, ect...

Personal life

He has car accident Davis nearly died in an automobile accident on November 19, 1954, in San Bernardino, California, as he was making a return trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Lots people why Sammy lost his eye, it´s because the accident occurred at a fork in U.S. Route 66 at Cajon Boulevard and Kendall Drive. Davis lost his left eye to the bullet-shaped horn button a result. His friend, actor Jeff Chandler, said he would give one of his own eyes if it would keep Davis from total blindness.Davis wore an eye patch for at least six months following the accident.He was featured with the patch on the cover of his debut album and appeared on What's My Line? wearing the patch.Later, he was fitted for a glass eye, which he wore for the rest of his life.

He was marrie alot of wife.

Sammy Davis Jr. died on May 16, 1990 at age 64 and by alcohol.
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Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)