Summer Bucket Challenge #2

Google Draw: Interactive and Collaborative Tool

Google Draw: Interactive and Collaborative Tool

Challenge #2

Summer 2016

May 20 - July 29

All grade levels and subject areas

Google Draw: Interactive and Collaborative Tool

Are you looking for creation opportunities and feel like some options are too limiting? Do your students create digital posters, graphic organizers or timelines? Google Draw is a hidden gem that opens the doors to a new level of creation.

Challenge completion information will be posted below:

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Google Draw

Google Drawings is a great place to create newsletters, graphic organizers, brochures, social media image/text posts and so much more.

(No need to download/install the Google Drive App on Desktop for any of the activities)

Part A: Getting Started: This activity will get you exploring some of the available tools and options in Google Drawings.

1. Please review this link with basic information on Google Draw features and options.

2. Your turn: Please be sure you are logged in to your Google Drive. From Drive select new, more, Google drawings

3. You now have a blank canvas to customize yourself.

4. Select insert, image and insert an image of yourself.

5. Customize the size and location to fit your canvas need.

6. Select insert text box and insert some text describing your summer plans. You will insert multiple text boxes with various activities etc. See my example above.

7. select insert shape and choose a callout of your choice.

8. Insert text on top of the callout to fit your image purpose

9. If needed, be sure to select text and choose order to send to back/front if your text or image is not showing up in callout.

10. Feel free to edit callout fill color to fit your need as well.

11. Now it is time to download your new creation.

12. Select File, Download as jpg.

13: POST:Post your new creation on our tech challenge Padlet.

Part B: Sharing and collaborating and using templates: This activity will show you how easy it is to utilize Draw templates to integrate and collaborate

1. Please review this link by Matt Miller with various templates and ideas.

2. Find one that you could use for one of your lessons or activities.

2. Select the one you chose to create from and select "make a copy" as directed

3. This template will now open up in YOUR drive.

4. Create somthing that you can use this fall.

5. Collaboration: Now, think of someone you could share and collaborate with. Choose share and share this with them. Give them editing rights as you would a Google Doc

7. If this is something you both can use, be sure to make a copy after you have all editing done. This will allow you both to have a copy to use.

8. Publish: Instead of downloading, go to file, publish to web and choose publish.

9. You now have a weblink to share.

10. Copy that web link and post this creation to the Padlet as well.

Bucket Challenge:

1. For completion of Summer Bucket Challenge #2 you will create something new that you can use in you classroom this fall. Please review links below for other collaborative and interactive ideas. Please share (add as collaborator) your creation with me.

2. Complete this Google Form with information regarding your Challenge #2 participation.

Bucket Bonus: Did you know... Using Google Classroom, you can "make a copy" of your Draw creation for each student to manipulate and submit individually