Mexican Immigration In Minnesota

By: Tripp Ethridge

Push and Pulls of Mexican Immigration


  • Lack of economic opportunities
  • The western image
  • Proximity
  • Mexican citizenship and migration policies
  • Political and public violence
  • U.S. Economic development
  • Social network and chain migration
  • Educational opportunities
  • Intertwined U.S. and Mexican history
  • U.S. Volunteer immigration policy
  • U.S. Refugee policy

Laws This Migration Group Has

Ravenstein laws:

  • Most immigrants are adults 20-34
  • Most are international travelers
  • Mostly move in steps

Where do they live?

They mostly live in our city's where there are more jobs

What do they do for work?

They work as meat processors, meat packing,roofing, and construction

Issues they have to face?

They have to face the colder weather, ice roads , and finding jobs.