Cool facts on this cool element!


Phosphous is a nonmetal in group 15 on the periodic table. The period of this element is number 3. Phosphorus's symbol is P. The atomic number is 15.

Phosphous was disvoverd by Hennig Brand in Germany, 1669. Later, John Dalton explained these studies.

Phosphorus is used in matches, pyotechnics, smoke bombs, fertilizers, special glasses used in sodium lamps, fine china, bone ash, phosphor bronze, water softener.

Ordinary phosphorus is a wazy white solid. when its pure, it is colorless and transparent. If found in sunlight o in 250 degrees Celcius, it becomes a red.

Phosphorus recieved it's name from the Greek name "Phosphoro." It also was extracted from urine. Phosphorus melts at 44.2 Celsius, boils at 277 Celsius, density 1823 kg.

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