Kaitlin S. 3 Theories

Continental Drift, Seafloor Spreading, Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift

I think that Continental Drift isn't really valid because Alfred Wegener believed that the continents were once together and called Pangaea, Wegener also believed that the continents split apart by the Earths spinning. I could see that the continents were once together yes, but them splitting apart by the Earths spinning that seems a little to out there. The Earth seems like it moving so slow that it almost seems impossible.
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Seafloor Spreading

i think that Seafloor Spreading could be valid, because if the cycle just keeps repeating the magma might be building up some were along the cycle and if it just keeps taking up space the other magma might push the continents outwards to get more space/room.
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Plate Tectonics