Phase 2 Community Meeting Summary

Phase 2 Community Meeting on April 16, 2022

On Saturday, April 16th, the district held its fourth in-person, live broadcast & video archived Phase 2 community information & input meeting. This was the culmination of a series of public events that launched a broad-based community engagement process. The administration and Board of Education will hold additional meetings and feedback opportunities into the summer and fall as the process toward a possible referendum on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, draws near.

Although this first set of meetings is now complete, this email communication provides a recap of Saturday's event and links to our Phase 2 website containing all of the Phase 2 meeting videos. We are also providing a new video FAQ which is meant to break down the plan so it is easier to find the answer to a question you may have. Additionally, you can ask a question and/or give your feedback anytime by visiting

As we have said in these summaries and other forms of media, nothing has been decided yet, no actions are approved. The District seeks your input, your opinions, your thoughts, and your feedback. Elements of the Phase 2 planning have been adjusted as a result of community engagement, input, questions, and feedback.

Click the image below to watch brief answers to some of your biggest questions


Below you can view the entire meeting including the presentation and Q&A or scroll down and jump directly to the Q&A portion of the event.


Full April 16 Phase 2 Community Meeting


April 16 Q and A

NEW - Long-Range Plan Compilation Video

We are proud to share this video which takes bits of each short video we have shown during the Phase 2 Community meetings to help explain the details of the plans and express why we are pursuing them.

Updated Our Why Video