The He/She vs. The Shakespeare

Comedy Ladder

Low Comedy- Play: Malvolio - " I extended my hand to him thus, quenching my familiar smile with an austere regard of control. This quote is low comedy because its in a humorous way.

Comedy of Manners- Movie: Viola was dressed us as Sebastian and Monique though that Viola was her girlfriend and Viola dissed her.

Play- Malvolio is made front of for wearing tights

Farce- In both the movie and play Viola is mistaken identity.

Comedy of ideas- In the end of both the movie and play the identities are revealed

Important Quotes

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them!"

Compare & Contrast

In both the movie and the play there was both a mistake of identity. The Twelfth Night the characters are classy and use fancy words. In the movie She's the man they use more modern terms . They play soccer and she tries to act like her brother. The play she wanted to be her brother so she could become a messenger for the king.