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Tech Tips & Tricks from Shantel - Vol. 2

September 19, 2018

Hilde Dash - Campus Dashboard

One Stop Shop for all the things you will need!

Upcoming Trainings

Getting SAMRized!! - Oct 5th -In-Service - Library

Requirements: Bring your laptop & a team lesson plan!!

Dyknow & Classroom Management - TBA

Please refer to the DyKnow Cloud Introduction Handout if you are a new teacher or just need a refresher. You can also check out the brief videos for assistance.

Repair Center Tips

Google Assignments Denied

  • If students can not see you google doc, slides, etc it could be that their Google Drive is not connected. Have students check "resources" under "apps" and then Google Drive and "connect".

Student Password Resets

  • If your students need a network or Google password reset, please send them down to the Repair Center with their Chromebook (and case) at your convenience. Keep in mind that network passwords are tied to Schoology, Skyward, and the Student Work Order System so students will use their new network password to access each listed account (except Google).

Schoology Log-in

  • Teachers, please have students log-in to Schoology from Student Net page. Students cannot just google Schoology and log-in, it won’t work properly. So if they complain about not being able to log-in please check that they are logging with the Student Net page first. (The link can be found on the left-hand side in the navigation bar on the Student Net Page.)

Work Order Form

  • Teachers, please have student complete a Work Order form, BEFORE you send them to the repair center. The Repair Center knows this is different from last year. The Work Order form can be found on the Student Net page as well. Thanks!

Working at Starbucks - Wifi

TCCA 2018

TCCA is a FREE Technology Conference. Please consider attending. This conference will be held on Saturday, Oct. 20th. This is an AMAZING conference and will count for Exchange Day Credit. Visit their site and register for the conference. Lunch is provided by Freebirds and you can stay for part of the day or the whole day, but AWESOME prizes are given at the end!

Our very own Tammy Crannie is presenting!! Woot! Woot!

Secure Assessments With Schoology

Prior to this year, Schoology didn’t have a password feature for assessments, so we last year we used a feature of Respondus that was really just a work around--and it was a bit quirky. We still recommend using Respondus for locking down your test, but you should not use it to set the student password—use the new Schoology feature instead.

This is a feature of the Assessment tool--Not the Test/Quiz tool. You can convert Tests/Quizzes in Resources to Assessments using these instructions and considerations.

This year, Schoology has a feature that allows teachers to enable a password requirement for students to enter before beginning a test. Schoology now makes it easier to set passwords and access for your different class periods. Here is a guide that will explain how to secure assessments with Schoology as well as how to provide Oral Accommodations for students.

Eduphoria Online Testing

As mandated by TLC, Campus Common Assessments and benchmarks will be administered through Eduphoria Aware so student data can be pulled and reviewed (teachers can use Schoology for formative assessments, such as quizzes or daily assignments).

Click HERE for assistance with creating and enabling online tests through Eduphoria Aware.

New Eduphoria Testing Look


Oral Adminstration in Schoology

Here are 3 ways to give oral administration. Help Sheet Link

YouTube Video Access for Students

YouTube videos are blocked to student access on school-issued devices. In order for your students to view YouTube videos on their Chromebooks, teachers must select one of two options listed below:

  • Teachers can submit a HelpDesk ticket with the video name and individual videos can be whitelisted (short-term solution if needed ASAP due to the change)
  • Create a YouTube channel and turn in a ticket to have the YouTube channel whitelisted. This will allow any videos posted to the channel to be whitelisted and you won’t have to individually whitelist videos. Ideally, this option works best if you created one channel for your content area and multiple teachers have the ability to add videos.

Schoology Parent Access Coming Soon

After piloting the Schoology Parent Access last May, the district is ready to open up the program to all high schools and intermediates later this month. Schoology will create a login for parents that will automatically be tied to their students’ classes/teachers. Login credentials will be emailed to parents on Friday, September 28. The system will also go live this day.

With a Schoology Parent Account, parents will have access to:

  • The classes in which their child is enrolled

  • Their child's upcoming assignments

  • School and class announcements

More information coming from the Digital Learning Department soon!

Personalize your Course Banner in Schoology

Did you read Alysa Cozart's recent article about personalizing your Schoology course in The Exchange? If not, take a moment to read it below. Keep in mind that parents will soon be able to access your Schoology courses through Parent Access starting Friday, September 28. If you haven't changed your course banner yet... don't delay, do it today!

Your course pic in Schoology is the first thing your students will see when clicking on Courses. Whether you have your classes linked altogether or you have your class periods separate, it’s a good idea to personalize your course to welcome students into their blended learning classroom. Plus, it also helps students navigate to the right course!

Here is a template created by Klein Cain’s Caitlyn Cloyd. You can customize your course banner images and make them your own. CLICK HERE to use as a template.

When you are ready to save the images, click on the first slide, go to File > Download As > JPEG Image. Then save it in a folder on your computer (preferably create a folder named Schoology Banners) and name it 1st banner. Repeat these steps for each slide – click on the second slide, file, download, save, name 2nd banner. See the GIF for illustrated directions for saving banner images.

Next, go into each course, hover over the course image, click Edit Picture, and select the appropriate image that you saved.

Skyward Teacher Quick Access Widget

Who doesn't love a great widget to quickly access program features? If you're new to Skyward, you may be missing out on the Teacher Quick Access Widget. This great tool places your class gradebooks and attendance rosters at your fingertips on your Skyward dashboard. Follow this brief, silent VIDEO to set up your widget ASAP! You won't regret it!
Big picture

Klein ISD Digital Resources

How do I log into IXL? Did the district purchase subscriptions to Edusmart again this year? Is Stride Academy available for intermediate students? Which online programs are available for my content area and grade level? You can find the answers to these questions and many more by joining the Schoology group named A Beginner's Guide to Digital Resources (enter the GROUP access code to join: 2ZQB6-BD5FW). Another great resource is the Digital Resources Revealed slide deck.

Check out these locations early and often! You'll be amazed at the wealth of information provided here at your fingertips!

helpful tech guides and information

  • Look for weekly Hildebrandt Hub which will provide information about technology tips and upcoming trainings.

  • KleinLearns365 - easy access to helpful guides, videos, tutorials, textbooks, digital resources, web tools, applications, and more.

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