N LeBrane , 7th

My Portfolio

My portfolio , i made this because i like to be creative and it is fun beacause it explains you , by th pictures and the paragraphs and also by the music , it will benefit because it gives you a chance to express yourself without being judge by anyonee

My Award essay

My essay , wasnt that good i thought i did a very good job but then when i got on hcps - i saw that i had got a D On it i exzactly dont know what were my strengths and weakness but i didnt get my rubric , i dont think i was here

About Me

My Name is , nauticu im 16 years old and i attend varina high , my favorite color is red and black my favorite singer is trey songs , my favorite rapper is chief keef and lil wayne . i love the winter time because i like the cold . my favorite subject is english .

6 Word Memoir

Nobody Perfect , Everyone Has there Mistakes

Sun / Shadow sentence

I am , like grey becuase im calm and peaceful . Inwardly Im am like red because i get angry fast

Anit Dat Shame How They Messed Up My Name " - Lil Boosie

i like this quote becuase it explains , how people judge or start rumors about people they dont even know changing there name into something bad .