The Hobbit

J.K. Rowling

J. R. R. Tolkien

J. R. R. Tolkien is the author of the hobbit. He is also the author of the lord of the rings1954, The Simillarian, The Fellowship of the ring1954, the children of Hurin 2007, Unfinished tales1980, and the war of the ring1990. these are all vey good books and I believe that they have been made into very good movies following the book. They have all been very successful movies and books. just a cool fact.

Main Characters

The main characters in The Hobbit is Bilbo, The second most popular is Thorin. Thorin is the king of Thrain. bilbo is just a simple hobbit that lives is a whole and goes on a nice schedule. he is quiet and everyone likes him. He's kind and would never expect a life changing journey to come his way and make a difference. Thorin a big part of the jurney is there leader. He leads the journey and makes it go smoothly. But bilbo didn't know what influence he had on keeping the crew safe. They use Bilbo as a bugler. The reason is hobbits are quiet and light on there feet and can go unnoticed often when they want. This concerned Bilbo because he had never stolen anything but he decided to go on with the ride.

plot teaser

This is a story about a hobbit. he is quiet and has the same routine every day. a very conservative hobbit. not wanting for any change in his life.

One day he saw a long dark tall figure approaching him over his hill. the man walked over stopped and looked at Bilbo, Bilbo said good morn. after a couple minutes of the man arguing whether it was a good morning or a morning to be good on bible grew tired of it and said good morning one more time before going inside. the man stopped him he said Bilbo. Bilbo turned around and he said have we met? the man said yes you may remember me from my fire works. Bilbo responded Gandolf? Gandolf said yes my boy. Bilbo still wasn't amused and wanted nothing to do with the old man. he went into his hobbit whole and carried on with his day.

Later that evening tons of knocks on the door. They were all the dwarves. They all came and stayed the night. the night before they had discussed Bilbo leaving and going on the journey with them. Bilbo declined and went off to bed. The next morning he woke up to a empty house and had a feeling that nudged him in a life changing rash decision.

Bilbo ended up running his way to catch up to the group. that was really the start of the journey.

Bilbo soon found himself in his first situation trolls...

he then had many other situations but maybe read this book and find out.


There is a lot of conflict in this book. The main being bilbo leaving his hobbit whole. Its a internal conflict that Bilbo has. He cant decide if he should stay or if he should go on this journey.

As the journey goes on bilbo gets put in many situations. He finds himself saving others and doing a job he did not sign u for on this journey. Bilbo keeps going back to the fact that they said that he would go on the journey and when hey reached journeys end then he would be the won for the work. instead he would be they key character to save and to all the work on the long exciting journey.


Personally i loved this book. I like fiction books and this was one of the best i have ever read. I really liked it throughout the entire book because there was always something happening so i never got bored. The book was so fun and exciting for me as a reader i really wanted to read it and was hard to put down. I strongly recommend this book.

passage from book

"good morning well what do you mean? that this is a morning to be good on, or just simply a good morning. Or are you implying that I should have a good morning? Well i guess all at once".

To me this really shows how simple Bilbo can be but yet he does such a big journey. This also shows how Gandalf is complex but yet simple minded. To me this is a good beginning to the book to show the complex and simplicity of it. Sets a good tone for the book and gets you engaged.

type of reader

The main types of readers i could see reading this book are fictional adventurer books. because that is exactly what this book is.