Avid Fall Exam

Dominique Freeney 1-11-16 7th

Public Speaking

i grew a lot this semester as a student i got way better at my public speaking skills. when i first came in AVID i did not like talking in front of a lot of people. then i learned about the five rules, witch were you have to have good hand gestures and a positive attitude and a loud voice but not too loud just enough.

Cornell notes

Cornell notes helped me in many different ways. one it helped me stay organized, and two it helped me study better. Cornell notes are a good way to take notes and study.

how do TRF's help you in school?

TRF's are a good way to get help on a subject you are failing. the people in your group will help you sole your problem. it can be in any core subject or class.

how does community service help you in school?

community is a good way to get extra credit in high school and middle school. its also a good thing for jobs your boss will see that you are committed to your community and care. Witch means your going to care and stay committed to your job.


this is a good way to get other peoples opinion on what you need help on. it can be homework, class work etc. tutorials are also a good way to learn something that u didn't know or missed out on because you weren't at school that day.

How Does AVID Help With Organization?

Avid helps with organization because every week we have binder checks. There are different types of binder checks one of my favorites is the binder shake. the binder shake is where you get your binder and you grab it from the bottom and top { make sure your holding the rings} and you shake it. if papers fall then you fail, if none do then you pass.


I will study really hard, turn all my work on time and talk less in class. I will also try my very best to do evrything the teacher tells me. I will keep my GPA at a 4.0 until the year is over.