By Vidhya,Trever,and Ibrahim 5B


The Siberian tigers a wonderful animal. But it is endangered! The siberian only has 400-500 animals living. The Siberian must be saved! We must save it by not hunting for the Siberian tiger but, we shouldn't over populate the majestic creature.

This creature lives in the amazing forests of Russia. We must save this creature!

The amazing chain connection!

The Siberian tiger's food chain play a very important role in our life's. For example, when a Siberian tiger eats a deer or etc. the bones are are left behind. The a decomposer like a worm breaks down the bones and turns it into rich soil. From there, the trees us the soil and make more air, which helps us and the environment. This amazing creature plays a important role in everbodys life.
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The important web in life!

The Siberian tiger is important. And so is its food web. The Siberian tiger's food web help all of man kind. It has lots of prey and not much predators. Killing its prey helps the environment. This animal is very important in many ways.
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Let's help this creature!🐯

Help the Siberian Tiger.We must help it because it's in endangered and it's being hunted. It only has 400 to 500 living Siberian Tigers left.We must help the Siberian Tiger because it helps the environment and it keeps it's pray from overpopulating.This tiger is very special and we must help it.
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