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  • Waco Fan Bus
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  • Hays CISD Band Festival
  • Trunk-or-Treat
  • Team Texas t-shirt for Grand Nats
  • Things to Know about Competition Days
  • Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

This Week & Save These Dates
Color Guard Corner

BOA Grand Nationals

  • Housing Update and Information Packet
  • BOA Grand Nationals Tickets Now On Sale

  • Fly a Flag

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take note!

Waco Fan Bus

Waco Fan Bus tickets are still available! Each ticket is $36. The buses will leave at the same time as the student buses and return when the students return. Please know that the awards ceremony for this BOA Event will be around 10:45 pm and our return will be after the awards ceremony. If you are planning to attend, consider whether you prefer to drive yourself home late at night or join us on the Fan Bus!

Uniform Reminders


1. Show shirts are part of the band uniform. Your students are often required to have them. PLEASE have your student show you their shirt so you know they know where it is. We do not have extra's; they were told by the Directors that they could not lose them as they are part of their uniform. They were told the day they picked them up to label them (we had sharpies for them).

2. LABEL everything. This is the only way we can attempt to return lost items to their owners.

3. There is a massive pile of lost & found items at the back of the instrument locker room and guard room. Have your student look for lost items there.

4. Please ask your students if they somehow ended up with an extra shoe or show shirt or polo & return the extra items.

5. Talk to your students about keeping everything in their duffels. We see clothes & shoes everywhere & this leads to lost items.

6. Required items for any event are listed on the schedules that are emailed out. Please share with your students so they are prepared with the necessary items.

7. If your student does not have a uniform item on the list, and IF we have those items in inventory, you will be invoiced for that replaced item. We do not have any inventory that students can just borrow.


We have been told by JHS Admin that if you arrive at the school during the school day (before 4:10 pm), you need to CHECK IN at the front office (as opposed to Ms. Mendez office). If you arrive during the school day but leave after school is out, you can check OUT in Ms. Mendez office.

If you are on campus anytime outside of the school day, you must CHECK IN and CHECK OUT in Ms. Mendez office with her scanner. Be sure to wear your volunteer badge at all times. If you do not have a badge, please email Ms. Mendez to get that process going.

Hays CISD Band Festival: Oct. 26

Performance order will be as follows:

7:30 – Hays
7:50 – Johnson
8:10 – Lehman
8:30 – Mass Band
8:45 – Group photo of mass bands on the center of the field

  • Johnson will warm up in front of Bales gym in the parking lot facing toward the back baseball complex.
  • Johnson will park their trucks in the North parking lot and store their props along the track on the North portion of the stadium.


On Friday, October 28th the band boosters will be hosting the Annual Band and Guard Trunk or Treat! The students have been working really hard and we would like to celebrate their work.

We are asking for you to decorate your trunk and bring candy for the students to come visit after practice on that Friday. Practice ends at 7:00pm so we will start setting up around 6:00 in a designated portion of the parking lot.

Please decorate your car and bring lots of candy to the event! Click here to sign-up to participate and/or donate candy. If you cannot decorate your car you can also sign up to drop off candy for us to give away. If you have any questions please contact Carolyn Meredith at

Team Texas t-shirt!

Our Band Booster friends at Hendrickson High School have designed a Team Texas t-shirt for Grand Nationals! These will be made available for purchase soon. We should have the cost per shirt tomorrow. We will share the cost and order form as soon as it is available. Let's show our Team Texas spirit!

Things you need to know about Competition Days (what we lovingly refer to as BANDTOBER)

Attendance is required at all marching competitions! Absences at competitions negatively impact the entire band. Not only do absences create "holes" in the show, the holes make it harder for the students around that gap to march their spots.

Band and guard members eat only when they are NOT in uniform. For times on the competition schedule that note they are to wear their competition show shirt, they are typically allowed to purchase items at the concession stand. You are also welcome to purchase concession items for them during this time. However, when they are in uniform, they cannot eat or drink anything other than water.

Students are required to move together as they enter and exit the competition field. We understand it is exciting when they win a competition, but directors ask that you do not try to pull them out of the line to take pictures or talk to them at those times. On competition days, there is usually time at the end to take pics with your student - especially if they win a championship! We then join them on the field to take all of the pictures!

Football games and competitions have first-aid tents on site in case of an emergency. The boosters only carry band-aids, antibiotic ointment, and cortisone cream. We no longer carry any medications.

Marching competitions have different formats and different time lengths. While most marching competitions take place on a Saturday, the UIL Marching competition will take place on a Tuesday evening. At UIL, judges will rate bands based on set criteria. The ratings from each range from the lowest rating of a five (V), to the highest rating of a one (I). At those competitions, it is possible for everyone who competes to earn a one. However, at most other competitions, bands are not only given a score but are ranked.

Bands of America (BOA) Championships are the premier marching band events in the nation. These competitions consistently host a higher caliber of bands than other competitions. Because of this, these competitions utilize a preliminary and finals. During preliminaries, bands are ranked per classification (determined by school enrollment for grades 10 - 12). The highest scoring 12 bands, regardless of classification, move on to finals. At finals, bands are ranked and the highest ranking band is awarded grand champion. Bands are also awarded Outstanding Music Performance, Outstanding Visual Performance, and Outstanding General Effect. Because BOA utilizes Prelims and Finals, the daily schedule is quite long, ending with the presentation of awards at 10:45 pm.

After conclusion of awards, you are welcome to join the celebration near the stands or on the field (should the directors take them there). Please join the cheering and take all the pictures you like. However, should the band gather for their PRIDE chant or to hear from the directors, we ask that you respect that time by giving them space. Please do not stand close to the drum majors and captains while they conduct the PRIDE chant with the band.

After every game and competition, students MUST properly turn in their uniforms. Depending on the number of volunteers we have checking the uniforms for proper hanging, the process of 48 guard and almost 200 band members turning in their uniforms can take awhile. Please either join the volunteers to help expedite this process or be patient as you wait. We ask that you do not tell your child to tell the volunteer that they need to hurry up because you are waiting. Thanks in advance for your continued support and flexibility!

Students are encouraged to bring a pillow and blanket on long trips! They can also pack snacks. Please know that, per the directors, any electronic device that provides audio will be permitted ONLY WITH HEADPHONES.

We ask that you please respect the rules that the directors have put into place. They have put them into place for a reason. Our community has seen the benefits of these rules as they have a direct impact on their mindset. The more competitions you attend and the more bands you watch, the more you will see the differences between the programs and recognize that these rules are some of the differences between successful bands like ours and others.

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We need your help to get ready for BOA Waco and Grand Nats! We will need help during each band rehearsal this week and next. Tasks include cutting out new flag design (scissors), hemming flags (sewing machines), attaching gold bead chain to competition tops (hand sewing), repairing hats and feathers (glue guns), spray painting hats.

Please bring your scissors, sewing machines, thread and needle, and/or glue guns!

Uniform Washing Crew

Game Day and Competition Day Support

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This Week & Save These Dates

October 17

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m. @ JHS)

October 18

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m. @ JHS)

Band Boosters General Membership Meeting (6:30 p.m. @ JHS Band Hall)

October 20

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 7 p.m. @ JHS)

October 22

OPEN WEEKEND (yes, really! ;-)

October 24

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m. @ JHS)

October 25

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 8 p.m. @ JHS)

October 26

Hays CISD Band Festival (7 - 9 p.m. @ Shelton Stadium)

October 27

JHS v Akins (MS band night) (7 pm @Shelton Stadium)

October 28

Band & Guard Rehearsal (5 - 7 p.m. @ JHS)

October 29

Bands of America (BOA) Waco (@ Baylor University)

JB Pre-lim performance at 1:45pm

Join our Facebook event!

From the director

This week we have a rare event in the middle of Bandtober!! We have a “Trifecta”, there is no football game, no marching contest and no marching band practice this coming weekend! We encourage everyone to enjoy the weekend, relax, spend time with family or catch up on sleep. However, it is also extremely important that every student do something to help them improve as a musician and member of our band program. The better our individual musicians are the better our entire band program will be. Students can find some time to focus on the new music introduced this past week, review the changes to drill, or continue to work on individual technique. It doesn’t have to be the entire day but please find some time each day to continue to improve! Consistency is key!!! Each students knows where they have room for improvement and should dedicate a little time and effort to move forward and improve each day!

I have to take a moment and brag on our Jaguar Band and Guard students!! The first nine weeks just finished and student grades were reported and finalized at the beginning of last week!! We are so proud of the academic success of our students; of our 230+ students participating in our program we had only 2 students lose their eligibility due to a failing grade. We were hoping that number would be 0 students, however, that is still less than 1% of our students!!! That is an incredible accomplishment for our students and their incredible academic performance represents them and our band program at the very highest level academic success! We are extremely proud!!

Each week I get emails and phone calls about dates of upcoming events. You are always welcome to call and I am happy to visit. However, for a quicker answer to that question I do want to encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the band calendar, even this late in the marching season. Please go to and visit the calendar. There are instructions there that will help you sync with your personal calendar or you can save that link as an icon on your phone for quick access. We try to keep the calendar up to date and will notify if there are changes.

JACKETS! There were multiple requests to open the student jacket sale again. We are able to open the window to order jackets for one more week. The active link to the store will be sent out Monday via Charms and through social media. Please keep and eye out if you are interested in ordering a jacket. The store will only remain open for one week. Additionally the jackets ordered this late will not arrive in time for BOA Grand Nationals.

We have several events of high importance approaching as we near the end of marching season. The Hays Festival of Bands on October 26th, the BOA Waco Regional, USBands Austin Finale and finally BOA Grand Nationals in Indianapolis!!!! Dates for each can be found on the band calendar and a detailed schedule will be issued at the beginning of every week.

We also have the TMEA All Region/State Band audition process that will be here before you know it! The students have been enrolled in Master Classes working on this music since Summer Band! The auditions will happen in early December. Parents, we encourage you to ask you student to perform their Region/State music for you. Ask them to play for family members or any chance you get. The more the students get to perform this music in front of others, the better equipped and prepared they will be to play it in a room full of other students. If you do not know if your student is going to the Region/State auditions ask them. Let’s not procrastinate on this process, it will be here before we know it!

Let’s have another great week, continue to work hard and improve on all that we do!! Today and every day: “It’s A Great Day To Be A Jaguar”!

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The Beat--A weekly update for Percussion specific information

What a crazy week we just finished! We are continuing to make changes this week to make the show even better! We are excited to have a percussion consultant come out to practice this Tuesday and then again next Tuesday. Mrs. Annie Chernow Wahl brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience and our students are sure to get a ton of valuable information from her. Looking forward to it!!

I am happy to say that all percussionists have passed their classes on the 9 week report card and are eligible for the rest of the season! Look for more information soon about auditions for band placement after Grand Nationals. Let’s have a great week of rehearsal and then enjoy a completely free weekend! NO GAME…NO COMPETITION!


Most communication for our band program goes out through Charms and Remind. Any Percussion specific info will be sent out via our Percussion Remind. I encourage all parents to sign up. This will hopefully keep you informed of upcoming percussion events, news, info, etc.

To sign up, simply text @jagsperc22 to the number 81010.


3/4/23 - JHS Percussion Ensemble Concert


color guard corner

Big picture

Color Guard Updates

A big thanks to all of the Guard Moms that donated their time on Saturday to create an additional 20 hair accessories in order to ensure that EVERY guard student gets to wear a hair piece!

URGENT: THE GUARD NEEDS BOBBY PIN DONATIONS! Those guard up-do's are amazing but they sure do use A LOT of bobby pins! Please donate whatever you can! Please feel free to send some in during the next week or two. We will need to stock up before BOA Waco!

p.s. please know that we can ALWAYS use more help with hair and makeup! especially hair!

FYI UNIFORMS: away games = summer uniform; home games = tunics


Michelle Silva and Ida Musgrove



Uniform Crew: Please pick up uniforms this week for washing!

Snack bag donations: If you can, we would like Capri Suns and mini pretzel bags before this Friday. We will also take donations for Grand Nats snack bags: Belvita snacks, breakfast snacks, slim Jim's, mini powder donuts, muffins, goldfish, capri suns, pretzels, fruit snacks.


*Please make sure you have all uniform items! especially shoes...we do not keep a large inventory of these and it takes time to get them.

Reminder that to replace shoes or gloves, you will have to order them! To replace sneakers, it costs $65. To replace jazz shoes, it costs $39.75!

Please make sure your name is inside your uniform items!

You can order through BandShoppe

Approved jazz shoe: DSI Ever-jazz guard shoe (black)

Approved sneaker: Pastry Studio Trainer Dance Sneaker

Proper makeup...

RED team: for eye shape: Mabelline SuperStay Ink Crayon, #45

BLACK team: for eye shape: outline with BadGal waterproof pencil eyeliner; fill in with Maybelline Tattoo studio, 36H eye liner

ALL: lipstick is Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink, #20 Pioneer; white eyeliner to outline shape around eye.

In case you missed it, this edition of The Guardian has all of the information for competition hair and makeup you will need for this week's game and competition.

  • Monday: blue
  • Tuesday: grey
  • Thursday: pink
  • Friday: black
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RESERVATIONS: If you submitted a form for non-student housing at the student hotel for Grand Nats, you should have received an email from Ida Musgrove this past week to FINALIZE your reservation. If you did not receive an email and believe that to be in error, please contact her asap at

We do have a FEW King rooms available! Please contact Ida Musgrove at ASAP if you are interested. First come, first serve!

PAYMENT: Our website will be updated soon to allow for payment. Please know that the website platform requires a credit card charge. That charge could be up to $11.50. If you would rather send in a check, please make it out to Johnson Band Boosters and send to school in an envelope clearly marked with TO: JBB, FROM: (YOUR NAME), RE: GRAND NATS HOTEL, AND $ AMOUNT.

Friendly reminder that ALL BAND AND GUARD students must stay in rooms with other band and guard students. They will not stay in rooms with parents.

BOA Grand Nationals: Information Packet

Dear Jaguar Families,

Please find information about our BOA marching competitions in this Information Packet. Please know that the directors will share this and more information in the competition schedules but that you can also find much, if not all, of this information on competition websites. The competitions can also be found on our website at:

Mark your calendars!

MANDATORY meeting for ALL Band and Guard PARENTS

BOA Grand Nationals Organizational Meeting

Tuesday, November 8, 6:30-8pm

JHS Band Hall

BOA Waco:

JB Pre-lim performance is at 1:45 (as of 10/10)


BOA Grand Nationals

Here is our DRAFT itinerary for BOA Grand Nationals. Please keep in mind that this itinerary can and will change as needed. Please be flexible, patient, and understanding! The Info Packet will also be updated as we get closer to competition.

Questions? Contact Ida Musgrove at


Ida Musgrove


Band Boosters


Fly a Flag

Join the Johnson Jaguar Band Boosters!

Subscribe to Fly a Flag! Show your National Pride AND support the Johnson High School Band! The Johnson Band Boosters are offering a US Flag Subscription service! For national holidays a 3’ x 5’ flag on a pole will be placed in your front yard. The flags will be installed at least one day before the holiday and will be removed after the holiday (length of display will vary depending on when the holiday occurs). A one-year subscription to the Fly A Flag Program is $52. At this time, this service is only being offered in the Johnson High School attendance zone.


Amazon Smile
: Support the Johnson Jaguar Band & Guard by shopping at Amazon Smile!

Scrip Gift Cards: Shop gift cards from 750+ top brands like Amazon, HEB, Starbucks, Walmart, Home Depot and the band program earns on things you buy!

Sponsorships: Visit our website to find ways to support and sponsor the Johnson Jaguar Band & Guard.

Corporate Sponsorship: Corporate sponsorships are a fantastic way for local businesses to support the Jaguar Band AND raise awareness about your company in our community. . There are several different levels of sponsorship available each with its own unique incentives. Download our brochure or click on the image to explore the various tax-deductible options available.

helpful notes

Jag Band & Guard Photos

Click here for Johnson Band & Guard photos throughout the year! The password is GoJags. Scroll down for the 2022 - 23 folder for more photos from Spring Camp! Photos from all football games, competitions and special events will be uploaded here throughout the year. You can download photos for free.

Staying Informed

Staying Informed! The Jaguar Band strives to keep everyone informed about our events and increase the opportunity to answer questions and create conversations with our community. This year, you will be able to find out information not only in our Newsletter and on our Band Calendar, but we will also be sharing them on our Johnson Band website events page and as events on our Facebook page. Our events on Facebook will be used as a primary source for updates and reminders. Don't forget to use your section GroupMe's as a quick and effective way to get your questions answered!

Service Hours

The JHS Band Boosters have created a form for band students to track their band volunteer service hours. (Click the previous sentence to link to the form.) This form is similar to what is used by other organizations such as the NHS and puts control of volunteer service hours tracking in the students hands. Students should print and use this to log for all band related volunteer service hours and ensure completion of all fields including supervisor signature. Parents signatures are not accepted. Follow all details on the form to turn in the logs in the spring to be considered for Band Student Service Awards at the Band Banquet or for logging volunteer service for Letterman Jacket points. Any questions, contact or This form should be used for all hours since the Band Banquet last spring. Multiple forms may be submitted to track all of your volunteer service.

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Complete our Committee Interest Form to be informed on upcoming committee meetings as they begin:

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