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How To Prevent Break Ins

Whether it happens when you’re out for the day or during a holiday vacation, having your house broken into is a nasty affair especially if something valuable was stolen or if your home got vandalized. Ever since deadbolts became more and more common, break ins have been lessened. As locks and security systems steadily improved, crimes like burglary and trespassing dwindled, but this doesn’t mean that they have fully disappeared. In order to heighten the security of your home and prevent break ins, you might want to follow one or more of the tips below:

1. Avoid leaving things like bicycles and cars in the yard. Roll everything valuable in your garage. There are some things that might be seen through your window, and you might consider moving things around to conceal more valuable things from burglars and other people who might be tempted with your pricey appliances and equipment. If you bought something new, avoid leaving boxes and the like outside the home. Showing off your things is also a big no no.

2. A percentage of break ins happen even without the need for force or even lock picking. This is because some people fail to lock their doors properly, or even leave them open. Some leave reasonably sized windows unlocked and open in the same manner, making it easier for a potential intruder to get inside the house without force, avoiding a racket that might otherwise alert neighbors and passing people of a break in that is actually happening. So don’t make it easy on burglars and trespassers.

3. Leaving keys lying around is a bad idea. It seems like leaving a spare key under your door mat or a flower pot is a common practice nowadays, but it’s not really a good thing to do. It might help you get in if you got locked out, but burglars can easily find these keys. This is true especially if someone has seen you retrieving them from those hiding places. It would be better to leave spares in your bag and you could also leave a spare with a trusted relative such as your parents or some neighbors.

4. Some locks are more secure than other varieties. For example, a deadbolt would be a better piece of security that you can use instead of a simple knob lock. Know the different kinds of locks and which ones would be better for your door. Also remember that you can mix and match these locks to keep your door secure from outsiders. Consider electronic locks too, even if they are quite pricey, since they’re also very useful in keeping intruders out of homes.

Keeping your home secure is important, especially since your family lives there and their safety might be compromised during a break in. Know the different tips and tricks when it comes to securing your house to sleep more soundly at night. is here for your locksmith needs.