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by Daniel ILatov

Earth Day Events


International Coastal Cleanup Singapore is organizing a cleanup event at Pasir Ris Beach.Trash present in these areas impact our wildlife adversely, releases toxic chemicals and devalue the natural beauty of the landscape. Coastal cleanups are conducted by volunteers around the world to remove this trash, raise awareness of the plight of our oceans, and motivate us to rethink our habits in daily urban living towards sustainable practices.

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In Nigeria from the 22nd of April, be a launch “ the power of 10,000 solar lantern project” they will raise funds to donate 10,000 solar lanterns to kids in over 100 schools across Lagos State – which they can use to study rather than depend on carbon emitting alternative power. CIX hopes to achieve this at various phases between April 2015(two thousand and fifteen) to March 2016(two thousand and sixteen) .

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Earth day in Israel

In recent years the State of Israel takes part in "Time for Earth" A time when whole cities are darkened with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Several cities in Israel took part in the activity and called on the residents to turn off the lights and coordination between cities, so as not to burden the electric company. Save energy and thus reduce air pollution slightly.
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important facts from the video:"Earth Day 2012 teen":

1. Until 1970 (In nineteen seventy) people didn't think about issues of pollution and harm to the environment.

2.The oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969(nineteen sixty nine) gave to Gilord Nealson, a US senator from Wisconsin, an idea to do a teaching day to everyone on the enviroment.

3. People from all political parties, races and genders joined together for a common goal -bringing awareness ,creating a healthy sustainable environment.

4.Every year on April 22 will be the "Earth Day",the people will do things to save the environment in this day and in the all year.

Activity that would be good to do in Israel:

The activity that would be good to do in Israel is like in Singapore. There are teams of people that help to environment by cleaning of the beach at the end of every day. If we will do that in Israel, Israel could be clean from trash and we would have more fun to go to the beach.
Earth Day 2015