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4th Grade News

February 12, 2016

Important Dates

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Friday, February 12th

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Monday, February 15th

Spelling Test

Friday, February 19th

Six Flags Read to Succeed Due

Friday, February 26th

Yearbook ordering reminder

Yearbooks can be ordered ONLINE ONLY with the Yearbook ID Code : 10091016

Yearbooks are $15 again this year and will be on sale at least through February 29th.


By: Alyssa Olson

Hi Parents! I really don’t know how to start this newsletter, so I’ll just start about when we do math. So we do math right after skill building. We have a bunch of math books. We have a student reference book which we look in sometimes to help us know what we are learning and to see the directions of a new math game. We also have a math notebook which we use to work out problems like division, multiplication, and more. Lastly, we have a math journal where our work pages and math boxes are. We just had a math test on Wednesday and of course we got a study guide. We were learning about how to draw and measure angles and solving division problems using partial quotients. So the night after the test we didn’t have any study links but of course we have to practice our facts for our time tests. Time tests are short tests with multiplication facts on them and you have to finish it in under 2 minutes. For example I think I just past my 4-6 and maybe someone else is still on their 9’s. Well that just about wraps it up. Oh yeah, I have a question for you. Do you know how to do partial quotients? If you do know then solve 130 divided by 30. Then again if you don’t know how to do partial quotients then ask your child to teach you and then try to do 130 divided by 30 by yourself

social studies

By:Jonathan Ramos

I picked social studies for my newsletter article.In social studies we have been learning about jobs and occupations. We learned new words like goods, services, and income. A good is a tangible object people use to satisfy their economic wants. example: is like an ipod some thing that you can carry.

Services are activities people carry out to satisfy the economic wants of others. Example:haircuts are because you can’t carry them. Income is money received for work performed.Example:My dad works to buy things we need.We have learned very much in school. I am happy that we went to school and we could talk clearly.

I am also happy because we can learn new words in social studies that we never knew. We write an example then we draw a picture. We do that so we can understand the word and how to use it.We also use those words for some activities in social studies. We learn a lot of stuff and I am happy I did


by : Emma Overmyer

My music teacher (Mrs. Crowe) is awesome. When we went there we learned about how quarter notes got their name, how sixteenth notes,eighth notes, half notes all got their names. We also learned yahtzee, but we did music yahtzee instead of normal yahtzee (that I have no idea how to play). As you can see we learn a lot of cool music related things like reading music.

My art teacher (Mrs.Davis) is letting us paint an elephant picture. Some of her cool ideas are like magic. If you take a wet paintbrush and wipe it over a crayola marker just like magic it makes a gray blue color for the elephant. Anyway as you can see she is an awesome art teacher. We also learned about some pretty cool artists and why they are popular artists.

Mr.Lebar(our gym teacher) gives us running days,but it’s not that bad. Also we are learning how to dance. We have been doing the dancing arcade called Dance Dance Revolution. I think it is pretty fun, because it is not like normal dancing.


By: Rae Habel

In reading we have choices reading to self, reading to someone, word work, writing and lastly listen to reading. Also this week for reading we are doing are storyboard. It is really fun to make. We are making it about irregular verbs, and mine is tell. Also in reading we have reading groups, and my group is Alexandra, Me, Alyssa, Emma, and Jonathan and we meet with the teacher. Last week we finished the book Island of the Blue Dolphins. When you are doing word work you can practice the words on your whiteboard . In writing you can finish the work you did that day and do your person activities. In read to self you can read the chapter book you are reading or you can read the book you are reading in your reading group. In read to someone you can read a thin book with a partner . And lastly listen to reading is when you can listen to your book your whole class is reading that week.This week is a review week so the book we read last was Paul Bunyan which is a tall tale. But every week we have a reading test.

Grammar and Writing

By: Alexandra

In writing we are learning about irregular verbs. We are doing worksheets and fun activities with irregular verbs. One of the activities we are doing is a story board. A storyboard is kind of like a comic strip. We have to pick a irregular verb for example I picked the irregular verb “go” and I had to have the word go, gone, and have, had, or has gone and our story had to have those words in it. My story was about a girl and her friend playing outside. We also watched an irregular verb video to help us memorize them. That’s all about what we did in writing.