Second Grade

Curriculum topics

Reading and Writing

Identify and manipulate individual sounds

Be able to use letter/sound correspondence to read or spell unknown word

Read words with no conscious attention or effort so that focus is on comprehension

Use vocabulary to effectively communicate in listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Focus on the meaning of the story

Write stories adding details

Write in paragraph form


Writing Numbers to 100

Addition Facts (doubles, +0,+1,+2)

Attributes of Pattern Blocks and Polygons

Ordinal Numbers to 12th

Some, Some More and Some, Some Went Away

Time to the Nearest Hour

Reading a Pictograph

Fractional Parts of a Whole

Adding 10 to a Number

Social Studies

Where We Live- Communities:Rural, Suburban, Urban areas

How Communities Change

Our State, Our Country

Our Country is Part of Our World

Our Earth


How and Where People Lived




What Living Things Need*Plants Make New Plants*How Plants Are Alike and Different


Animal Groups*Animals Grow and Change*Staying Alive