Johnson Journal

Beginning the school year, 2013-2014

3rd to 4th grade who got who

Conkin - Grace Nelson, Pearson Mills, Keyton Tankersley, Riley Hollowell, Kevin Ho, Jacob Kindle, Carter Robinson, Tiara Sokol. Casey- Bella Jarrett. Francis- Isaac Hale, Bryson Burchett, Nathan Hubbard.

Pearson's Related Arts Schedule for 2013-2014

Monday - Art

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - Guidance/Library

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Art

My Best Friends

My Fourth Grade Year

A Day in the Life of Pearson

6:00 Wake Up

7:00 Eat Breakfast

7:20 Go to School

8:20 Go to Mrs. Conkin's Class

8:25 Literacy

9:20 Related Arts

10:15 Snack

10:30 Go to Mrs. Francis' Class for Math

12:05 Lunch

12:30 Book Time

1:05 Recess

1:35 Go to Mrs. Francis' Class for Science

2:30 Go to Mrs. Conkin's Class for Social Studies

3:05 Get things ready for dismissal

3:15 Dismissal

4:00 Go Home

5:00 Snack

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Homework or Play Time

8:00 Shower

8:30 Watch TV / Read

9:30 Lights Out