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mission statement/values and CEO name.

Their mission is to make lives healthier, easier and richer. General Mills is Nourishing Lives.
  • We make lives healthier by delivering important nutrients and increasing people’s intake of whole grains, by providing foods that contribute to a heart-healthy diet, and by helping people manage their weight.
  • We make lives easier with convenient meals and packaging, and foods that provide nourishment on the run.
  • We make lives richer with foods that add fun or help to create a special moment with family and friends.
  • (ceo) Leland C.

5 products


Fiber One


fruit snacks

Betty Crocker

5 career opp.

staff assistant

project Engineer

Financial analyst



This position will be responsible for managing the sales and repair of new and used bicycles as well as offering homeless youth the opportunity to learn bicycle mechanics and basic business skills through the operation 36000$ of a bike shop open to the public. This position is responsible for the supervision of Full Cycle bike shop staff and Phase II interns as well as the overall functioning of the shop as a social enterprise earning income to support the program.