The Americas

Aztec, Mayan, Incan


The Aztec civilizaton was located in central Mexico. Tenochtitlan, their representing city was actually located on a chinampa in the shallow Lake Texcoco. Chinampas were man-made islands made of mud and reed mats.
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The Aztecs would also used these chinampas for farming. Their main crops were corn, squash, and beans.
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Mayan Civilization

The Mayans were located in Central America on the Yucatan Peninsula, surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. They were represented by Chichen Itza. They had a rainforest enviornment.
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A popular accomplishment of the Mayan civilization was the calender. A Mayan year only contained 260 days, so there were 20 days in each of the 13 months. They believed that each day corresponded with a certain god.
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Breaking the Maya Code #4: The Maya Calendar

Incan Civilization

The Incans lived in the Andes Mountains of South America. They were represented by Machu Picchu.
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An accomplishment of the Inca was their road system, which made traveling on their mountainous land easier.
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Similarities and Differences

All civilizations were polytheistic, but only the Mayan and Aztec built pyramids. The Aztec religion was based mainly off of warfare. The three also had an economy based off of agriculture, but it wasn't common for the Inca to trade because their emperor owned everything. In the Mayan government, each city-state had one ruler. In the Aztec and Inca there was only one emperor. The technique of farming was drastically different in each civilization. The Mayan would burn down forests to create open fields, and if they were near riverbanks, they raised the ground so it wouldn't get flooded. The Aztec farmed on their man-made islands. The Inca created terraces, or steps, on the mountains. These steps prevented soil from washing away when it rained.