Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller


1. Staff Meeting Update Friday-
8a-10am- only Classroom Staff need to attend
10a-12pm- PSIS and Related Services Staff

2. Staff Evaluated on OTES:
*Complete Self-Assessment on eTPES
*Complete Professional Growth Plan on eTPES before our Goal Setting Meeting
-During our goal setting meeting, we will review your goals and see what supports I can put in place to assist you in reaching your goal.

3. Conferences-
Start scheduling your conferences!

Weekly Schedule:

Staff Meeting- all staff (Butler Tech)
3603 Hamilton-Middletown Road • Hamilton, Ohio 45011
*Turn right off Rt. 4
*At top of the hill, turn left
*Templed roofed building labeled, "James Boyd, Education Resource Center" is where we will meet!
8-10am- Classroom Staff Meeting
10-12pm- PSIS/Related Services Meeting




None Today!


Training Documentation-
Please copy the training certificates you received on Friday and send to me for the licensing books.

I will bring your copies of training certificates from August to our meeting Friday!

Also, remember to update your OCCRAA account with your new training.

Daily Health Checks-
Please remember that daily health checks should be occurring when you do your warm greeting. Feel the child's head to see if their hot, spot check for lice discretely, look at the child's eyes/demeanor. Do they look like they feel well? Parents appreciate being caught before they leave if the child is not well enough to stay at school!

TS Gold Checkpoints are Due by Midnight on November 5th.
+Make sure you are entering documentation and selecting preliminary checkpoints.

ELA Administration Deadline-
November 14th