• A special that this app has is you can make one normal video into an edited, no mistake MOVIE!
  • Some stuff that you don't want in the movie you can cut out.
  • You can capture both videos and photos.


  • Make your long movies into a trailer like your making a real trailer for a real movie!
  • Pick out your own theme to go with your trailer.
  • Capture different scenes for each part of your trailer.

What Does Haiku Deck Do?

  • make a slide show.
  • choose pictures for the background, it helps explain.
  • share your haiku deck with whoever you want.

Go Aminamte

  • Make a cartoon movie.
  • Have our characters say whatever you type in.
  • Your characters can move in the action that you want.

Explain Everything

  • Record your voice and draw at the same time.
  • Draw whatever you want and it will still draw while your recording!
  • Send whatever you explained to your teacher through email.