Help Save Child Slaves in Africa

Children Are Being Forced into Labour on Cacao Plantations

Why are Cocoa Companies Using Child Slaves?

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The owners of cacao plantations use the children to do their work. Cacao farms in West Africa are using kids for a cheap workforce. They make the children work to support their families, and some child slaves who do not want to work are sold to farmers. When the children are on the cacao farms, they may not see their families for years or maybe forever. The worst forms of child labor have plagued the industry, and they get low wages, if any, meaning farmers cannot pay workers for the labor needed to harvest the crop. The owners teach the children how to work and how to cut cocoa beans off trees. Growing farms face the realities of rural poverty. The workers have poor health, almost no water to drink because it's too dirty, and almost no food to eat that could keep them healthy. Kids working on the farms help the owners keep prices low, but it severely harms the children.

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Child Slave in West Africa

The kids get beans for the plantation owners to sell to big chocolate companies.

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What are People Doing to Children in the Cocoa Farms?

The children who don’t do what they are told could be sold to other people, but it is not cheap to buy them, especially if they work hard. If the children try to escape from the cocoa farms, they get beaten and sometimes sent to jail. Some children get $2 each day for the work they do. The Western African children are surrounded by intense poverty. They needed to grow food crops for the families' owners and for them to eat, but they have to eat last. More than 70% of the world’s supply of cocoa comes from two countries nestled on the southern shore of West Africa. In conclusion, child slaves work hard to do things to stay alive.

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Child Chopping Cacao Beans

Kids struggle to do difficult work like cutting cacao beans everyday. If they don't, they will be punished by slave owners.

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What Companies are Trying to Help Stop Child Slavery?

The International Labour Organization is trying to bring attention to forced child laborers by suing big companies responsible for the most dangerous child labor. F.E.P. (Food Empowerment Project) is working to inform consumers around the globe about the worst forms of child labour, including slavery, that take place for chocolate. They created a list of companies that make vegan chocolates that they do and do not recommend in English, Spanish, and German. They have apps that people can download for free to help them with making informed purchases. In addition, they are working to get corporations to be transparent about where they source their cacao. In conclusion, they are using technology to help save the children from this dangerous slavery.
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Companies Trying to End Child Slavery

Companies are trying to stop slave owners from making kids slaves.

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What Are the Companies Going to Do to Help?

Companies are traveling around the world to try to find ways to stop this. There are many companies that are trying to find help to stop this nonsense. It is not right for the little children to work so hard that they get hurt. The owners are getting the government to help and get money to save the African children. They are communicating with other companies that could help the innocent children. The children are suffering each day, and they aren't even able to visit or see their families, which could be very sad for them. We are trying to make a difference in West Africa because slavery should be illegal. These things can cause the children to die or commit suicide. You can donate to some of the organizations trying to help children. In conclusion, children should be saved and slavery should be banned forever. The children should have freedom and liberty.
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Food Empowerment Project

The F.E.P. works to educate the public about choosing foods that are not made with the use of child slaves.

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Map of Western Africa

This is where many of the cocoa farms where the child slavery happens are located.

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The Challenge to Make Chocolate Child Labour Free (Part 2/3)

Kids Use Toxic Products and Spraying on Trees

Kids use toxic and poison products that could kill them. More than 100,000 kids use that to spray trees without any protection. The kids don't use gloves or an outfit to protect them from the toxic liquid getting on their skin.

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