Inequalities In The Real World

Made By: Treyten L.

Less Than or Equel To

The table below shows the total number of tickets sold per day for the reunion tower restaurant in Dallas Texas. The reunion tower restaurant can hold a maximum occupency of 600 people. The final day for registrations is Thursday. Find the most amount of tickets they can sell on Thursday.
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Less Than

Tyrone want to eat less than 500 calories for breakfast. His three eggs are 165 calories all together. If beacon is 38 calories per piece, how many pieces can he eat?

Greater Than or Equel to

Mahone is a hotdog vender. He gets $85 per week plus a $1.50 for each hotdog he sells. If he wants to earn at least $120 per week how many hotdogs must he sell.

Greater Than

La-a and her squad are having a bake sale. They have sold 392 cookies so far. If they want to sell more than 500 cookies, how many more cookies do they need to sell.

Multi-Step Inequality

At The Burger Joint you can buy burgars for $8 and a $2 French fries. At "Yee Haw" Burgars and Fries burgars are $4 each and fries $10 each. If you buy a Burgar and French Fries from both places, how many burgars will it take for Burger Joint to cost less than "Yee Haw" Burgars and Fries.

Compound Inequality

In order to stay healthy you must eat at least 1200 Calories a day and no more than 2000 calories a day. Graph the compound Inequality.