The Successful Six Inc.

Six highly trained professionals building your dream.


Our objective as The Successful Six is to provide information with primary sources and through reenactment to take you back to the age of John Brown. We are the most qualified to exceed your standards because we are highly trained in making your architectural dreams come true designed exactly the way your innovative mind envisions it. The way we view our work is that our clients are completely the creative minds who come up with the ideas creating the many successful businesses we helped build, we just being them to life. Success is our top priority.


Two of our staff has a doctorate degree in Architecture, and four of our staff members have a doctorates in Business. Two of our staff members has also majored in History. One of them has a PhD in United States history. The other one has a PhD in Modern European history. We have all graduated from one of the top ivy league schools in the United States.

Our staff: Taijah Irvin, Alexandra Flores , Erin Haaga, Zakiyah Taylor, Nikole Baker, and Joy Shorey graduated from Colombia University. Our work ethic is unbelievable, we work from start to finish of everyday till our project is complete. Three out of the six (Erin Haaga, Taijah Irvin, And Alexandra Flores) have graduated at the top of our class. Throughout school we were assigned to work on projects together and after all of the work put in we believed that our ethic flowed and that is why we have previously formed The Successful Six.

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Our motto

"Your visions are our tools. Your life long dream is just a days work for us." - The Successful Six


"One of the best architecture companies I've worked with in a long time!." - Owner of Wooden tap Phil Barnett

"Built exactly what I came up with.. just a little better than I imagined." - Owner of The Peabody Museum Barbara Goodie