Jane Goodall

chimpanzee scientist


Jane Goodall was born April third,1934 and is still alive today.

Jane Goodall biography

Jane Goodall was born in London, England. She has a sister named Judy. Her fascination with animal behavior began early when she was a kid.She dreamed of traveling to Africa. She would often observe native bird and animals.

Jane attended Uplands private school, getting her high school degree in 1950 and a higher one in 1952. At 18, she left school and worked at Oxford University.She went to Kenya as a young girl. From then, she went to study the monkey. She married van Lawick and had a son named Hugo.


She is famous for observing monkeys and helping us learn about animals.

Fun facts

1 She got a toy chimp when she was a child.

2 She love the story of Dr. Dolittle and Edgar Rice Burrough´s Tarzan series.

3 One time she sat for five hours in a chicken coop so she could see a hen lay an egg.

4 Goodall entered Cambridge University as a Ph.D. candidate in 1962.

5 Some scientist disapproved the Goodall named chimpanzees rather than assigning numbers.