By Tehya

The tundra has caribou and many other animals

The tundra is a very big land and the ground is frozen from underneath the animals and the tundra is a very big place it could fill the whole world in the tundra!

Tundra is a wild place

The wild just began and the running just came on!

Caribou are running and the people want to shoot the caribou but they take of running and the wild just began! the foxes are running and the owls start flying and every thing is just wild in the Tundra.


I love the Tundra because it has my favorite animals and my favorite animal is the foxes.

Tundra is a never ending place

Tundra is a nice place and it is a peaceful place and there is one more thing i have to tell you before you think this place is cool well it is but it could be a deadly place because the foxes are on the prowl searching high and low for something to land or on the ground

Tundra is my FAVORITE place