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Dubai, UAE (10th June 2013): Since the advent of the 21st century, Dubai has shown great advancement in its economy particularly due to several highly lucrative real estate investments. Due to this, Dubai has successfully transformed itself from a harsh desert to one of the most expensive and sought after metropolis of the world. Where real estate has flourished so has other industries like IT and the online education industry.

In Dubai, it has been observed that many students leave education after high school in favor of a job or other household responsibilities. These individuals are unable to successfully compete in the highly competitive environment of the corporate world due to their low academic qualifications and watch others with less job experience but higher academic qualification rise high in front of them.

Acadenia, a popular education guide has now made its presence known in the UAE. It comprises of a portfolio of the most accredited and popular online colleges of the world which offer online courses in Dubai to students in the most sought after subjects.

Acadenia has several benefits for working individuals, job- seekers and women who wish to remain in purdah. A student can get access to its online universities’ classes, communicate with professors or view lectures at any time of the day within the confines of their own home or office. Because of the online nature of Acadenia, an individual does not incur travelling expenses and has the option of enrolling in the accelerated degree program which can help him get a degree in half the time.

Many individuals are now vying for online universities in Dubai for their education and Acadenia has become a bright source for a better academic qualification!

About Acadenia

Acadenia UAE is a top-tiered educational guide whose mission is to provide high quality online studies in Dubai to any individual who needs to get better qualified. For this purpose, it has partnered with only the best online colleges and universities who hire the services of the world renowned faculty and grant 100% accredited degrees and diplomas. For further information regarding Acadenia simply visit the corporate website at or call 1877172553.