Cyber safety and digital footprint

your digital footprint clean/safe on the internet

cyber safety

  • Always make sure you never give out any info to friends
  • Keep away from bullying issues if they happen
  • Make sure if your buying stuff on the internet make sure it has https:// because that means its safe
  • Never meet up with someone off of the internet
  • Don't ever pick up a random flash drive on the ground could lead to a spam or male ware
  • To keep yourself safe ask an adult before downloading a game
  • Don't stay on the internet all day
  • Pull over when your talking on the phone

Digital Footprint

  • Your digital footprint is every account you have on an app
  • Everyone can see what you post
  • Make sure what you post is appropriate
  • Don't post stupid things of people that they wouldn't want you to post
  • Look yourself up on the internet to see what other people can see about you
  • Make sure you have a good digital footprint because you might not get the job you want!!
  • Don't let other people post things about you that you wouldn't like
  • Make sure you dont post anything others would be disturbed about


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