Tech Tuesday

What options do I have for digital notebooks?

Option 1: Two column Google document

A column for date and a column for notes allows the teacher to easily see when notebook entries occurred. This example can be used with Hapara so checking notebooks is right at your fingertips. The notebook expands as they write since it is created using a table so it is low maintenance for the students. Teachers can use this template for any subject. A great way to start out with digital notebooks!

Difficulty level = Easy

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Option 2: Notebook with Clickable Table of Contents

This notebook is a regular Google doc but adds on a clickable table of contents. Students or teacher can create custom headers that will show up in a contents page in the sidebar of the document, allowing students to click to go to a certain page. Teachers can add notebook help pages that students can navigate to right from their notebook. This notebook also works with Hapara and can easily be checked by teachers.

Difficulty level = Medium

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Option 3: Google Sites

Students can create Google sites that will be their notebooks. The notebooks can be divided into units so it is very organized. Students can be taught how to add notebook help sheets as attachments. Google sites can also double as a student portfolio for their work in all subject areas. This is not compatible with Hapara yet but each student can download the template from the gallery and put it into their reading folder on their Google drive.

Difficulty level = Challenging

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Evernote is a note taking app that you can add to your apps page from the Google Chrome store. It is free for students and teachers to use up to 60 MB per month. Notes are very organized and easy to find. Can also be used to gather websites for research projects. Visually appealing but not compatible with Hapara so monitoring/assessing notebook work is more difficult.

Difficulty level: Medium

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Laura Agnella - Millstone River School

Come on down to the media center on Tuesday morning from 8:00 to 8:30am to check out these options for notebooks. I'll have them each on a Chromebook for you to get a better look. I'd love to schedule a time to come and help get you started!