My dream job!!!

Biomedical engineer!

Why I am passioante about this job:

I have always been interested in math and science, but my interest developed into a fascination not too long ago. I love being able to apply all of the laws and theories that we learned in class to real-world situations. I also enjoy that every concept seems to build on the one before it, and how they all helped me understand the world in a way I never had before. Whenever I think about my future, what I want to study, and how I want to make a living, I always think of engineering- would be one definite possibility .This allows me to develop this fascination with the way the world works and to apply my knowledge to a project that could help improve peoples' lives. I myself have seen my cousin passionately carry out her job professionally , despite it being tiring at times. This is one career that I may possibly want to pursue in the near future.